Clay Target Shooting

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This guided experience allows a wide range of participants (ages 16+) – including those without their Canadian firearms license – to participate in the shooting of moving clay targets under the direct supervision of a trained guide (i.e. Range Safety Officer).  

The course consists of one open practice station and a ten-station forested course.  

Whether you have always wanted to try clay target shooting, a.k.a. trapshooting, hone your skills or are a championship shooter this course promises to delight.  

No experience required! We provide everything you will need to enjoy the activity. 

Join us for approximately 4 hours  

  • Welcome, meet and greet, at Base Camp 
  • Picturesque self-drive to the range following your guide,  
  • Course instruction, and  
  • 2 hours of shooting on the range  

Pre-booking is essential. General public experiences max out with 6 participants. For larger groups contact Angie Grant, Group Sales Coordinator at Private experiences can also be booked through the Main Office by calling 1-800-631-2198 or emailing

The experience runs twice daily from May Victoria Day Weekend until Thanksgiving  at: 

  • 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 
  • 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm 

Alternative times may be arranged with advance notice and based on availability. Contact or phone 1-800-631-2198. 

  • 25 clay targets and 25 shots (#7.5, 1oz, 2/3/4" 12 or 20 gauge shells) per person per experience
  • Guns provided are 12 and 20 Gauge Over/Under Shotguns. Clients are welcome to bring their own 12 or 20 gauge shotgun (see what to wear/bring). 
  • Professional PAL licensed guide trained as a Range Safety Officer. 
  • All necessary instruction. 
  • Hearing and eye protection provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own approved gear. 

*Additional rounds can be purchased for $18 per 25 rounds, should time allow. Only participants of this experience may purchase additional rounds. Rounds not used at the end of the experience must be surrendered back into the care of the Range Safety Officer and may not leave the range.*

Safety is paramount in the operation of this activity for staff, clients, and other forest usersTo ensure that a high level of safety is achieved and maintained, Range Safety Officers will follow and enforce a set of strict Sporting Clays Range operating instructions and safety rules. 

  • No person is permitted to enter the range area without consent or without being accompanied by an authorized member of Haliburton Forest staff.
  • Range personnel will solely consist of Haliburton Forest staff who have been trained in the safety rules and operating procedures of the range. Trained and authorized Haliburton Forest staff shall be the appointed Range Safety Officer (RSO) when the range is in use.  The RSO has full control and final word over all range activities.  
  • No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted within shooting range perimeter.
  • No open toe shoes are allowed.
  • Ear and eye protection should be worn while shooting.
  • Any client using their own firearm should ensure that it is unloaded, locked and in a case on arrival at Haliburton Forest and remain so until directed otherwise by the Range Safety Officer. 
  • Follow the A.C.T.S & P.R.O.V.E procedures.
  • An order in which the clients shoot must be determined before commencing any shooting.
  • Firearms must always be controlled.  Never point a firearm at a person.
  • Firearms shall be pointed down range when being loaded.
  • Unloaded firearms must be placed in a gun rack at the shooting station with the action open.
  • Loaded firearms must not be passed from one person to another.
  • Only one client at a time shall handle or shoot a firearm under the direct supervision of the RSO.
  • While a client is shooting, no one else shall handle a firearm.
  • No one shall approach a shooting client while they are preparing to load the firearm, positioning to fire the firearm or when firing is in progress.
  • Firing is only permitted when the RSO calls “Commence fire”.
  • No person shall cross the firing line.
  • Adult spectators and children are the responsibility of the shooting clients who they came with and must always remain under the shooting client’s control.
  • The RSO shall not be shooting while clients handle or shoots a firearm.
  • All shells must be cleaned up after use and placed in the containers provided.
  • No shooting of wildlife is permitted.

To minimize the general effects on the environment, the following measures have been or will be taken when the course is operating: 

  • The Sporting Clays Range only uses biodegradable clays. 
  • All shell casings will be picked up and disposed of in the bins provided at each station. These bins will be emptied on a regular basis. 
  • Participants will stay on the trail at all times. 

Noise and Wildlife Disturbances

  • The effects on wildlife were considered and concluded that observations from local ranges and further afield have shown that the noise created doesn’t have a negative impact on wildlife which become normalized to it, similar to cars, motorcycles, chainsaws and humans.  
  • Noise reduction is controlled by the steep hill back drop to the south as well as this activity being mainly run during leaf cover months.   

Guests should be able to stand and walk at a relaxed paced under their own power for a minimum of 3 hours as well as be capable of stepping up and down from shooting stales.  

Those with mobility issues may be accommodated with advance notice and based on availability. 

It is recommended that guests with hearing or vision impairments have a friend, family member or support person join them for the experience. 

Tours run rain or shine, please dress for the weather and wear close toed footwear. Running shoes, hiking boots or some form of comfortable footwear you would walk in regularly. 

It is useful to bring a small day pack with water, snacks, bug repellant and maybe a bug jacket. Also, it is handy if you need to shed a layer of clothing or carry a fleece or shell layer. 

PAL Licensed participants may bring their own 12- or 20-gauge shotgun or you can use the firearms we provide.  Your shotgun MUST have a barrel longer than 24" and be controlled by 2 hands. We will provide 25 shots of target load ammunition.

Any client using their own firearm should ensure that it is unloaded, locked and in a case on arrival at Haliburton Forest and remain so until directed otherwise by the Range Officer.