With the extent of Haliburton Forest’s lands and the variety of activities offered, many visitors decide on extended stays by camping. In order to accommodate overnight visits in the heart of its lands, Haliburton Forest has developed an extensive network of semi-wilderness campsites on 17 of its 100 lakes. While a majority of sites are leased on an annual basis, a number of designated sites have been reserved for short term use.

The term “semi-wilderness” in the classification of these campsites indicates their unique nature.  Most are situated directly on a lakeshore, well spaced and private, without back lots, and are often out of sight of any neighbour. Sites are equipped with a fire pit and outhouse, but no hook-ups or other services. This concept represents a successful blend of wilderness camping (Algonquin Park style) and camping as it commonly occurs at organized campgrounds.

Camping at Haliburton Forest can only occur on designated sites. Advance reservations are required.

This 5 minute video provides an overview of the different summer activities provided at Haliburton Forest.

Camping fees for one night include the property use permit from 3:00 pm day of check in until 5:00 pm day of check out.

The general camping season runs from mid-May to mid-October. Public access is prohibited during hunting season in the fall.

Early spring walk-in camping is typically available starting mid to late April.

Advance reservations prior to arrival are essential. A deposit of 50% of your total cost will be requested with every booking. This deposit is non refundable within 15 days of your expected arrival. Outside of the 15 days a refund will be given less a $25.00 administration fee.

Guests are responsible for payment for all dates booked and there will be no refund for early departure.

Camping is only one of the exciting outdoor activities offered at Haliburton Forest.

Some of the other activities include: mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, hiking, birding, orienteering, outdoor education, astronomy and much more.

Information materials and maps for specific activities are available upon request.

In order to accommodate an enjoyable visit for all our guests as well as minimize the human impact on the natural environment at Haliburton Forest, certain rules apply to visitors.

  • A general outboard motor limit of 9.9 horsepower as well as a ban of gasoline outboard motors on certain lakes is in effect.
  • Motor bikes, dune buggies, ATV’s and similar motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • Noise levels are to be kept at a minimum at all times.
  • The possession of firearms as well as fireworks is strictly prohibited.
  • Littering and mutilation of standing trees is strictly prohibited.
  • Provincial fish and game laws as well as traffic rules apply.
  • While Haliburton Forest is dog friendly, we expect that dogs are kept under the direct control of their owners at all times, not making any excessive noise and being cleaned up after.
  • Firewood cannot be brought into the forest due to the danger of transporting invasive species.

In cases of contravention against any of the above rules, Haliburton Forest reserves the right to cancel any visitor’s privileges immediately and without refund.

Sites have picnic tables, firepit and outhouse.

Please help us prevent the spread of invasive species by not transporting firewood from other areas. Firewood can be purchased at Base Camp for $10.00/bundle.