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All visitors to Haliburton Forest are required to obtain a permit/snowmobile pass (daily or seasonal) prior to entering the property. Those failing to comply will face trespassing charges. The daily permit is valid for the day it was purchased, until midnight. At time of purchase valid ownership and insurance will be required per snowmobile/ATV (no side by sides) being booked. Upon arrival passes MUST be picked up at the Main Office. Haliburton Forest limits the number of daily users on its trail system to 100. Therefore, daily visitors, especially on weekends, are required to reserve a space on the trails prior to arrival. This will ensure that visiting riders will be provided with the best possible and consistently superior conditions.

$49/day per driver

$10/day per adult passenger (kids 17 and under ride free)

Daily Trail Passes*Seasonal Trail PassesFamily Seasonal Passes
Snowmobile Driver - $49/dayBefore January 1st - $425/driverFirst Machine - $475/family
Adult Passenger - $10/dayAfter January 1st - $475/driverSecond Machine* - $200/family
Passenger Season Pass - $125Third Machine* - $100/family
  • At time of purchase valid ownership and insurance will be required per snowmobile being booked as well as on the trails. Upon arrival passes MUST be picked up at the Main Office. Driver's must have a valid driver's license or the equivalent Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator's License.
  • Youth 12 and older can drive with proof of valid Snowmobile License or G1. Children under 18 are to be accompanied by parent/guardian.
  • *Family Season's Passes must be within the same household. Valid for up to 2 adults with their children 21 years of age and under. 
  • Side by sides are not permitted on the trails.
  • No after market pipes, cans, etc... (nothing that makes your sled(s) louder). 
  • If riding double, adults must have a legal two up.  Children are permitted to ride double with an adult.  All riders are REQUIRED to wear helmets.