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Already staying overnight at Haliburton Forest? Receive a $49 discount on all snowmobile rentals. Contact us for a coupon to use with your booking.

Your rental includes a full tank of gas per machine. Single day renters are NOT responsible for filling up the tank at time of return.

Multi-day rentals ARE responsible for any gas used after the first full tank.

Rentals run daily from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  All rentals must be returned by 4:30 pm on the last day of rental.

We require a Booking Document to be completed by EACH adult. One person should not be completing the documents on behalf of other adults. Youth can be included on one of the adult waivers.

These options can also be accessed immediately after making a reservation or through your booking confirmation.  Scroll to the bottom of your invoice and select the 'View Required Documents' button.

The Booking Documents can be shared and accessed by you and other members in your reservation:

1. The individual who has made the reservation and those in the same household can complete the Booking Documents by clicking 'Fill Out Document'.  Note: When completing waivers immediately following an online reservation, once 1 document is complete you will be prompted to go back (so you can complete more) or continue to the next screen.

2. A 'Share' option is provided. Click 'Share', copy the link provided and text or email this to other members in your group.

3. Email each member in your group. By inputting their email address(es) a link will be sent directly to their email.

Waivers are saved to the invoice, so no need to print any copies!  For those unable to complete online, paper copies are available at the Main Office when checking in!

Weekday (Monday-Thursday) $282 per snowmobile per day
Weekend & Holidays (includes Fridays & Ontario school holidays) $338 per snowmobile per day
Weekend (Friday 4:00 pm-Sunday 4:00 pm) $676 per snowmobile
3-Day Midweek (any three days between Monday and Thursday) $846 per snowmobile
5-Day Midweek (Monday 8:00 am to Friday 4:30 pm) $1466 per snowmobile
Overnight (return by 8:30 am) $170 per snowmobile
Hourly (2 hour minimum charge) $149 for the 1st hour + $35 for every additional hour per snowmobile
Late Return $100 for every 30 minutes late


50% non-refundable deposit of total cost required at time of booking.

Pre-authorized $3,500 security deposit at check in (Visa or MasterCard accepted).

Haliburton Forest snowmobiles carry third party liability insurance but do NOT include collision insurance. Collision insurance for damage over $3,500 can be purchased at 10% of the total rental fee.  Haliburton Forest snowmobiles are not insured to be off our property and therefore not permitted off site.

If snowmobile is damaged (should optional 10% insurance be waived), lost, or stolen or if damages occur off of Haliburton Forest property during rental period client is responsible for cost of replacement.

A 25% Repair Service Charge will be charge automatically for any repairs needed.

Rentals must be back by the agreed upon time. In most cases this is 4:30 pm. A late fee of $100.00 will be charge for every half hour the rental is late.

Complete Outfit $35 per person per day
Helmet$10 per person per day
Suit$15 per person per day
Gloves$5 per person per day
Boots$5 per person per day

A valid driver’s licence (in Ontario this is a full G license) is required to rent a snowmobile.

Renters must be 18 or older to rent.

A security deposit of $3,500.00 per machine is required at time of pick-up (Visa or MasterCard only).

Rentals carry third party liability insurance, not collision. Collision insurance for amounts over the first $3,500.00 can be purchased at 10% of the total rental fee.

If any or all machines are stolen during the rental time the renter will be responsible for the total replacement cost.  The lessee is subject to an automatic 25% Repair Service Charge as the result of any damages.  The lessee is also subject to a Late Fee of $100.00 per every half hour the rental is returned after the designated return time.

All rentals must be returned by 4:30 pm on the last day of rental.

A fee of $100 will be charged for every 1/2 hour overdue per snowmobile.

Please refer to our Reservation Policy page for detailed information on our cancellation policies and more!