Wolf Centre: An Ontario Signature Educational Experience

Inspiring the Conservation of Wolves


General Admission: Guide yourself through our indoor education centre and its many museum displays, watch a documentary in our theatre, visit the gift shop and of course, view the wolves from one of two indoor observation areas. Our friendly staff are on hand to interpret and answer the questions you have while visiting, so don’t be shy!

Special Experiences: Ask us about what special experiences may be going on during your visit, like Painting with Wolves or Evening Howls. View the availability calendar and book them now by clicking the “Book Online” button. Request alternate dates and private experiences by emailing mwigmore@haliburtonforest.com

Currently admission is only being offered as 1.5 hr time slots. Some guests will use every minute of their time, and others may feel ready to depart before the time is up. You can use as much of your timeslot as you see fit.

During regular operation (pre-Covid) we typically recommend to plan to spend about 45 minutes to 1 hour just to see all the displays, read some info and ask a few questions. If you stay for a video presentation in the theatre, add another 20-45 minutes. Some guests spend several hours watching the wolves, while others prefer a quick peek through. The choice is yours.

Our wolves can only be viewed through the one-way glass of our indoor observation rooms. The entire facility is indoors and does not offer outdoor viewing. If you would like to spend some time outside while you are here, visit our Main Office to speak with our staff about day pass options for using our spring to fall hiking/biking trails.

There is no particular time of day, or day of the week that is better than another to view the wolves. While most days, most of our pack chooses to hang out within sight, we cannot guarantee the wolves will be visible or active at the time of your visit. We do recommend visiting in the winter to see the majesty of wolves in their thick winter fur. They are also typically more playful and active in the cooler weather.

Our wolves eat once every 5-10 days on a randomized schedule designed to mimic the feeding patterns of a wild pack. We do not publicize when we will be feeding the wolves, to prevent adding additional stress to mealtime.

Our wolves are fed 15-20 pounds of meat each at feeding time – a mix of beaver as well as roadkill deer and moose. All the food our wolves receive is already dead, as it is not humane to put in a live animal that has no chance of escaping, like it would in the wild.

No. Our facility is designed to mimic the wild as closely as possible, so we do not touch or interact with our wolves in any way. They are unsocialized and because of this they maintain their fear of humans like a wild wolf. This also means they maintain much of the behaviour and social structures of wild packs, and we are able to observe them in a way that is not typically possible in a zoo environment.

Just over 7 acres! There is a divider fence located near the building that sections off part of their enclosure and has four gates in it that are always open for the wolves to come and go through to the larger area. Because of the size of the enclosure, the wolves are not always visible from the observation areas, and we cannot guarantee you will see them.


Thank you for thinking of us for a charitable donation.

Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre is funded through user fees, admissions, programs, merchandise sales, etc. As such, we prefer guests defer charitable donations to another wildlife education, research or rehabilitation facility of their choosing.

If you would like a recommendation, we are happy to point you in the direction of another awesome facility that would benefit from your support.

Educating the Public About Wolf Behaviour and Wolf Ecology

The Wolf Centre is a 5,000 square foot, all indoor facility that houses self-guided, museum-style exhibits, a cinema and classroom, a souvenir shop, a large indoor observatory, and it is wheelchair accessible! Our staff are onsite to answer any questions you may have, so don’t be shy! The wolves are viewed through one-way glass from inside the building. Visit the observatory and maybe catch a glimpse of Haliburton Forest’s wolf pack: permanent residents of Haliburton Forest since 1993.

With live wolfcams and wolf exhibits, you can almost always catch a glimpse of our wolves as they wander through their large, naturally forested environment. Plus, with our mission to educate, you can personalize your visit by asking our friendly staff more about our wolves.

Make a Day of it!

Read more about the history of Haliburton Forest’s Wolf Pack or learn more about our Wolf Centre in this video.

Feel Closer to the Wolves Through Haliburton Forest’s Evening Wolf Howl Experience

Many people will go their whole lives never hearing a wolf’s howl. Join us for an educational program, followed by a guided evening hike where your guide will howl to our wolf pack to encourage a response. We can’t guarantee a response from the wolves but we have a pretty good track record. Check our availability calendar for dates. Off-season dates available by request to mwigmore@haliburtonforest.com.

Book your experience now by clicking the “Book Online” button above, and selecting “Evening Wolf Howl”.

Hours of Operation:

COVID-19  Hours:

Advanced reservations are strongly recommended and necessary to guarantee entry. We recommend booking a minimum of 2 days in advance to ensure you get the date and time you’d like. Walk-ins will be accepted space permitting. Maximum of 26 guests will be admitted per timeslot.

Reservations required. When in doubt, please call ahead!

Phone 1-800-631-2198 option 3

1305 Redkenn Road, Haliburton, ON, Canada

Hello Friends, 

Due to current government restrictions the Wolf Centre is closed

to the public  January 5th-30th, 2022. We will be open again on January 31st!

Reservations are required to visit. Exit this bubble to book online.

For assistance, please call our main office at 1-800-631-2198

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