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Weather and Recreational Trail Conditions


Current Trail Conditions

Updated – Tuesday, March 31, 2022 at 8:30 am

Snowshoe/Winter Walking Trails

**New** for the 2021/2022 winter season we have added the Wild Woods Walk for winter hiking and snowshoeing, in addition to Dale’s Trail, John’s Trail and the Forestry Walk. Dogs are welcome on leash with owners cleaning up after them.  Cross country skiers, and skijorers are welcome but please note trails will not be groomed on a regular basis nor will they be track set.

Dale’s Trail, John’s Trail, the Forestry Walk and Wild Woods Walk will be free to enjoy for the 2021/2022 Winter Season as we develop and add to our winter non-motorized trail system.  Watch in 2022/2023 for season’s passes and day passes.

Open for walking, and snowshoeing. Cross country skiers as well as fat bikers are welcome, but trails are not necessarily groomed. It is starting to look like spring! Trails may be very slippery in sections, possibly wet, muddy and slushy in others but are hard packed snow otherwise.


  • ATV, Quad

Winter Recreational Snowmobile/ATV Trail Conditions

Poker Run was cancelled.  We are very sorry. We were really hoping to be able to host it this year but COVID…  In lieu of participation, donations to Haliburton Fire & Rescue can be made online here.

ATV TrailsOPEN – until April 7th, 2022

Snowmobile Trails – OPEN – POOR

And just like that spring has sprung! Trails are still open to ATVs until April 7th at which time we will invite our non motorized friends for hiking, biking and spring walk in camping.
If you want/need to snowmobile you can but not great at all in the southern portions to get to the better portions up north. Definitely need scratchers and/or studded tracks. Wait until temperatures warm a bit and trails soften.
With spring conditions water is eroding trails from below and can cause hazardous conditions. Watch for wash outs. Please stick to main trails.
Happy spring everyone!

AVOID all lake crossings.  Stakes will be pulled from the chain of four lakes this week.

The forecast keeps changing drastically so it is hard to predict what will happen over the next few days but we do know snow is melting rapidly. Big groomers are done for the season.

Great time to come ATVing!


  • East Fork for the entirety of winter 2022 due to Logging Activity

Disclaimer – As always, riders should expect icy/wet sections of trail, particularly corners, with the possibility of exposed gravel/rocks, trees down and debris from branches. Disclaimer we never guarantee ice conditions or depth.  Double check before heading out on to lakes.

Winter ATV and Snowmobile Season’s Passes are available for sale online as well as by contacting the Main Office. Get them before January 1st to qualify for the early bird special.

All clients must follow social distancing, personal protective equipment, hand washing, and other health guidelines throughout their visit to Haliburton Forest. Furthermore, clients should always follow the directions of their own public health unit. And if you do come up to visit, you must listen to our staff if they ask you to step back, space out, wear your mask, and so on.

We appreciate the patience you have afforded to us as we continue to understand the ever changing regulations.

Stay safe and stay healthy, everyone!

Trail maintenance and patrolling will continue as usual.

Shelter Cabins – Open for emergency purposes only, no socializing.  Only one group at a time.  Masks must be worn. Sanitization is the responsibility of guests.  Haliburton Forest does not take responsibility for cleanliness or sanitization.

Our next update will be posted when there are any changes in the conditions. Stay tuned!

Don’t be disappointed make sure to book your day passes and winter getaway!


Keep Up To Date

We will do our best to update conditions on the website every Thursday by end of day if not more frequently.  Check out our ongoing trail reports and stories on Instagram @haliburton_forest, and Facebook.

Insider Tip!  Weekdays are a great time to come. Groomers head out first thing every Monday morning and groom all week (if conditions permit). We don’t see the same volume of day passes and typically have some availability in our accommodations. Have you booked your winter getaway yet?

Having trouble finding accommodations on weekends check out My Haliburton Highlands for other great local B&Bs, resorts, hotels, motels, etc…

Reminder: Permits are required before entering Haliburton Forest property. In the winter months Haliburton Forest limits the number of daily riders on its trail system to 100. Therefore, daily visitors, especially on weekends, are required to reserve a space on the trails prior to arrival. This will ensure that visiting snowmobilers and ATVers will be provided with the best possible and consistently superior snowmobiling conditions.

  • At time of purchase valid ownership and insurance will be required per snowmobile being booked as well as on the trails. Upon arrival passes MUST be picked up at the Main Office. Driver’s must have a valid driver’s license or the equivalent Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s License.
  • Youth 12 and older can drive with proof of valid Snowmobile License or G1.  Children under 18 are to be accompanied by parent/guardian.
  • Family Season’s Passes must be within the same household. Valid for up to 2 adults with their children 21 years of age and under. 
  • Side by sides are not permitted on the trails.
  • No after market pipes, cans, etc… (nothing that makes your sled(s) louder). 
  • If riding double, adults must have a legal two up.  Children are permitted to ride double with an adult.  All riders are REQUIRED to wear helmets.

Non Motorized Spring/Summer/Fall Trails

Hiking, Running & Mountain/Gravel Biking Trails – CLOSED until spring of 2022!


Trail Maps and Information

For more information about our trails and a downloadable PDF map click here.

Click here for our interactive CarryMap.

Reporting Concerns

Please report concerns to or by phone 800-631-2198 option #1 for the Main Office.  We will do our best to address these concerns as soon as possible.


Click here  for a detailed weather forecast for our area or check out our webcam to see the weather for yourself!

Passes are required to use the Haliburton Forest trail system. Whenever possible, please purchase your pass online versus coming into the office. For online purchases, please make sure to sign the appropriate Online Summer Waiver and have proof of purchase on you at all times. A receipt on our phone or printed copy will suffice.