Trail Conditions

Current Recreational Trail Conditions

Updated – Thursday, March 23, 2023, at 2:45 pm

Snowshoe/Winter Walking Trails

New this year we have added the Wolf Centre Loop and Chessel’s Pond for winter hiking and snowshoeing, in addition to the Wild Woods Walk, Dale’s Trail, John’s Trail and the Forestry Walk.

Cross country skiers, skijorers and fat bikers are welcome but please note trails will not be groomed on a regular basis nor will they be track set.  Dogs are welcome on leash with owners cleaning up after them.

Current Conditions

Trails are mostly hard packed snow with some more icy sections when temperatures are cool, and very soft snow in positive temperatures. The Wild Woods Walk is open for snowshoers, skijorers, kick sledders, fat bikers and cross-country skiers!

Get out and enjoy!

Rent Snowshoes

We are now offering snowshoe rentals through the Wolf Centre. For more details click here!

Guided Snowshoeing

Looking for a guided snowshoeing experience check out  Yours Outdoors!


Snowshoeing and Winter Walking Trails will be free to enjoy for the 2022/2023 Winter Season as we develop and add to our winter non-motorized trail system.  Watch in 2023/2024 for season’s passes and day passes.

Disclaimer: Trails may be very slippery in sections, possibly wet, muddy and slushy in others. Watch for the usual hazards of trees down, uneven terrain, debris, rocks, roots, and stumps.

Snowmobile and Winter ATV Trail Conditions

ATV Trails – OPEN – GOOD

Snowmobile Trails – OPEN – POOR – GOOD


Spring has sprung and we’ve had all types of weather bringing snow, rain, and sun!  Sledders and AVTers should expect some bare hilltops, and icy corners. Trails are hard packed in the morning when the temperatures are cool but by afternoon, loosen up for better lubrication of sleds. Great ATV conditions!

Trails are a mixed bag of excellent, fair, poor, icy, snowy, muddy, wet, etc… They are calling for snow on Saturday so who knows what will happen next!

Northern Trails are beautiful, and snow covered.
North Road Bypass (approximately 2kms long) should be avoided by sledders unless we get more snow.
East Road is currently in good shape.
Groomers are parked for the season unless something dramatic happens.

It is a great time to come ATVing, ice fishing and if you wish still come sledding!

All of our main trail system is OPEN with over 400 kms to ride!!

Lakes – are either glare ice and wet or slushy. We will be pulling stakes off the chain of four lakes over the weekend/early next week. No other lakes are staked and we NEVER guarantee ice thickness.

Greif Trail USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!  If you are looking for something very technical with jaw dropping scenery, check out Greif, Trail. It is a mess of trees leaning over the trails, but ground crews have cut through and laid tracks from one end to the other to make it passable. Be prepared! Travel with friends or family. You will most likely get “stuck”, get a branch in the face, hit deep snow and hit some off kilter parts on the trails, but man is it fun!

Unmaintained TrailsUSE AT YOUR OWN RISK! At this time our bonus trails Sprucetree, Sprucehen, Powderhorn, Krista, and Greg are deemed unmaintained. Some trails like Powderhorn should be avoided completely due to water crossings, etc.. but others such as Greg and Krista may provide a great technical ride.

Be sure to book your pass.

Our next update will be posted March 30, 2023, or sooner if something drastic changes.

Disclaimer – As always, riders should expect icy/wet sections of trail, particularly corners, with the possibility of exposed gravel/rocks, trees down and debris from branches. We never guarantee ice conditions or depth.  Double check before heading out on to lakes.

Trail Maps and Information

  • For more information about our trails and downloadable PDF maps click here.
  • Click here for our interactive Avenza Maps.

  • ATV, Quad


  • Valid ownership and insurance is REQUIRED to ride our trails.
  • Upon arrival, passes MUST be picked up at the Main Office.
  • Driver’s must have a valid driver’s license or the equivalent Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s License.
  • Youth 12 and older can drive with proof of valid Snowmobile License or G1.  Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult parent/guardian.
  • Family Season’s Passes are valid for those within the same household. Valid for up to 2 adults with their children 21 years of age and under.
  • Side by sides are not permitted on the trails.
  • No after market pipes, cans, etc… Nothing that makes your machine(s) louder.
  • If riding double, adults must have a legal, factory made two up.
  • Children are permitted to ride double with an adult.
  • All riders are REQUIRED to wear helmets.

Keep Up To Date

We will do our best to update conditions in the winter on the website every Thursday by end of day if not more frequently as conditions change.  Check out our ongoing trail reports and stories on Instagram @haliburton_forest, and Facebook.

How Do I Enjoy The Trails?

Permits are required before entering Haliburton Forest property any time of year.

Winter Day Passes

In the winter months Haliburton Forest limits the number of daily riders on its trail system to 100. Therefore, day visitors, especially on weekends, are required to reserve a space on the trails prior to arrival. This will ensure that visiting snowmobilers and winter ATVers will be provided with the best possible and consistently superior trail conditions.

Winter Season’s Passes

Winter ATV and Snowmobile Season’s Passes are available online, in person or by contacting the Main Office. Get your season’s pass before January 1st to qualify for the early bird special.

Spring, Summer and Fall Day and Season’s Passes

Enjoy our trails, lakes and gravel roads in the warmer months with a season’s pass or day pass.

Stay With Us

Day passes are included when staying in one of our housekeeping units, lakeside cabins, our cabin with a view or at one of our campsites.

Insider Tips! 

Weekdays are a great time to come. Groomers head out first thing every Monday morning and groom all week (if conditions permit). We don’t see the same volume of day passes and typically have some availability in our accommodations. Have you booked your winter getaway yet?

Having trouble finding accommodations on weekends check out My Haliburton Highlands for other great local B&Bs, resorts, hotels, motels, etc…  And don’t forget our partners at Cabinscape provide tiny off grid cabins throughout our property. Check them out to book your next getaway!

Reporting Concerns

Please report concerns to, in person or by phone 800-631-2198 to the Main Office.  We will do our best to address these concerns as soon as possible.


Click here  for a detailed weather forecast for our area! While we wish we could predict what trail conditions and weather will be like for any given day, the Weather Network is the best resource for this information.