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Weather and Recreational Trail Conditions

Current Trail Conditions

Hiking, Running & Mountain Biking Trails – April 15, 2019 – Closed

Recreational trails are still closed for walking, hiking, trail running and mountain biking due to the volume of snow still on trail. The Wild Woods Walk is open, but be prepared to still see snow, slush or puddles on the trail. We are looking forward to another incredible summer!

Click here for a detailed weather forecast for our area or check out our webcam to see the weather for yourself!

Recreational Snowmobile/ATV Trail Conditions – April 15, 2019

Trails at Haliburton Forest are officially CLOSED for the season as of this morning (Monday April 15, 2019).

After one of the best snowmobiling and dogsledding seasons in recent memory, we must admit that we can’t control the weather, so we’re going to let spring run its course. A huge “thank you” to everyone who came out to ride the trails this winter.

It was a blast and we are already looking forward to next year!

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Reminder: Permits are required before entering Haliburton Forest property. In the winter months Haliburton Forest limits the number of daily riders on its trail system to 100. Therefore, daily visitors, especially on weekends, are required to reserve a space on the trails prior to arrival. This will ensure that visiting snowmobilers and atvers will be provided with the best possible and consistently superior snowmobiling conditions.

* At time of purchase valid ownership and insurance will be required per snowmobile being booked as well as on the trails. Upon arrival passes MUST be picked up at the Main Office. Driver’s must have a valid driver’s license or the equivalent Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s License.

** Passes must be within the same household. Valid for up to 2 adults with their children 21 years of age and under.

***Side by sides are not permitted on the trails. No after market pipes, cans, etc… (nothing that makes your sled(s) louder). 

****If riding double, adults must have a legal two up.  Children are permitted to ride double with an adult.  All riders are REQUIRED to wear helmets.

Dog Sledding Tours – March 31, 2019

Dog sled tours are now done for the season, and the dogs will be enjoying a lovely long holiday before training in the fall.