Amenities & Facilities

Whether you visit Haliburton Forest for a day, overnight, or a whole week, the wide range of convenient amenities offers you everything you need onsite. There are plenty of Things to Do, with over 400km of hiking, mountain biking, running and snowmobile trails mapped out for your convenience and safety. Snowmobile trail passes are very popular in the winter.

From restaurant dining, to shopping for souvenirs, to passing the time between scheduled events and activities, there is something for everyone at Haliburton Forest. 

Open year round (closed Christmas Day with reduced hours in the spring and fall), Truss Foodworks Smokehouse Restaurant is a licensed restaurant available to all guests and visitors. The Smokehouse accommodates groups, corporate events, weddings, parties, and more.

Find everything you would find at your local convenience store – and more – at our Camp Store.  From snacks to souvenirs, you can stock up for camping and holiday units here.

Find five shelter cabins along our 300km of multi-use trails (see the free downloadable map).  Each shelter cabin is equipped with wood stoves and firewood so you can enjoy a snack or warm up on a chilly day. Forgot to pack lunch? By request, The Smokehouse can put together a yummy picnic lunch.

Don’t run out of fuel: gasoline (regular and premium), oil, and propane are available at the Main Office at Base Camp. Visa, MasterCard and Interac are accepted.

Visit the Logging Museum to learn more about Ontario’s rich history of logging, and how Haliburton Forest’s sustainable logging practice is enhancing this historical staple of Canadian industry.

While you are wondering you may get a glimpse of some of our wildlife in their natural habitat including but not limited to, the groundhogs who call Base Camp home, red foxe(s), moose, white tailed deer, beavers, snowshoe hares among the many birds, squirrels and adorable chipmunks.  At the barn over the summer we also have pigs!

These trails are approximately 1 km each and join up together to make a nice 2km trail.

With over 100 lakes at the top of the Algonquin Dome, our water systems are the freshest in Ontario. Speak to a staff member about swimming spots accessible by car, kayak, canoe or boat (Restrictions do apply to motorized boats. Read about fishing at Haliburton Forest for more details).

Cast off from the shores of lakes and wetlands to savour fishing in the forest.  Read more about fishing at Haliburton Forest or book your property day pass. Get winter pass here.

With many lakes to be explored by canoe and kayak, the deeper into the 100,000 acre property you paddle, the more unparalleled and exceptional the views. Canoe rentals available onsite.

Experience the outdoors with a variety of rental equipment available to single-day visitors and longer-stay guests. See all rental rates via the links below.

Explore over 100 lakes in a canoe! Rent a canoe onsite – the price includes equipment and life jackets!

Guests can book courts for free, so bring your racket and balls, for a game at the Haliburton Forest Tennis Club!

With 13 snowmobiles available, you can rent a snowmobile onsite, or online!

Ride your snowmobile safely, and keep warm with gear available for rent onsite!