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Hand Crafted, Traditional, Wooden Canoe Paddles.

The Haliburton Forest Paddle Shop is proud to offer one of the largest choices of made-to-order premium solid wooden paddles in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands, Ontario Canada.

Each wooden paddle is hand crafted in our Paddle Shop using woods grown and responsibly harvested from sustainably managed forests in Ontario.

Wooden paddles are classic and are unmatched by any other material for natural looks, liveliness, flexibility and warm feeling in your hands. They are often slightly heavier than fiber composite paddles but can be lighter than paddles with plastic or aluminum parts. Wood does require some upkeep, ranging from the occasional / seasonal dab of oil or varnish on a chipped area to a full sanding and refinishing.

The less a paddle weighs, the less fatigue you will feel during a long day of canoeing. But do not choose a paddle based on weight alone — the best paddle offers a good balance of light weight, strength and flexibility. For whitewater canoeing, a short, strong & stiff paddle will hold up to the rigors of the river and provide a quick response in rapids. For flat-water canoeing, a longer, flexible paddle will help absorb shock with every stroke.

Some of our wooden paddles feature wood laminates that can include both hard and soft woods. This combination results in reduced weight and increased durability and strength. These laminated paddles have a layer of fiberglass over the blade for added strength and/or have a resin edge guard to improve durability and help resist abrasion.

To create your custom wooden canoe paddle, you can choose wood type, length, blade style, resin edge guard and even add laser engravings to further personalize your paddle. Once finished, each Haliburton Forest paddle is a unique wood carving, and work of art. No two paddles are the alike.

Made to Order:

All our products are handmade and can take up to 10-15 business days to make. If you are looking for something that is available quickly, please reach out to us and we will try to accommodate.

Please contact us using the details listed above, or by using this form. We also have an online store here.

Handcrafted from sustainably harvested wood from Ontario forests, you won’t be able to find paddles like these anywhere else. Choose from a variety of species, grips, lengths, blade types, and customization options to make the paddle you buy truly your own.

Wooden paddles are unmatched by any other material for natural looks, flex, and a warm feeling in your hands. To create your custom wooden canoe paddle, you can choose the grip, length, blade style, wood type and even add engravings.

HF Canvas Paddle Bags: All quality Haliburton Forest Paddles (when inventory allows) includes & ships in, a one-size-fits-most, reusable drawstring Canvas Paddle Bag to help protect your paddle in transport or in storage. Paddle Bags are sold separately as well.

Our wooden kayak paddles are also made of sustainable wood, they are unique, personal, and provide excellent abilities. You can customize your wood kayak paddle by choosing the blade length, loom length, tip style and of course the type of wood. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will send you a custom quote.

Looking for a unique and fun art project? Try our unfinished decorative and artisanal canvas paddles. Used by a number of art and creative shops for painted paddles, these would be the perfect gift for the artist you know, or for your own projects.

Paddle Holders: Display, protect and organize your paddle collection. These wall mounted paddle racks come in single, double and triple holders. The fun designs will hold your paddles securely, while allowing easy access.  The racks are beautifully finished and designed to be displayed out in the open so you can show off your paddle collection. Each holder is crafted from solid hardwood and finished in hand rubbed wood oil.

Wedding Guest Book Paddles: has an oversized blade to offer greater space for signatures; measuring in at 7.5″ wide by 30″ long blade, 57″ overall length. This paddle has an oil finish to allow signatures to be applied directly onto the paddle, this prevents ink from smudging and/or bleeding. The cost includes engraving from provided images, with your chosen date and initials. For additional customization, please contact (Each paddle is sold separately).

Decorative Mini Paddles: Beautiful hand-crafted keepsakes.  Great as seat holders at any celebrations, a reward for campers, skill achievements or for a special recognition.  Great as gifts for soon to be born paddlers & fun to have around the house or cottage.  Mini Paddles are available in sizes from 18″ to 36″  in length and come in Ash, Birch, Cherry, Maple & specialty woods like Birdseye & Curly Maple.

Paddle Cutting/Charcuterie Boards: Choose from selection of blade shapes & these boards are hand finished with a food safe wood oil.

Campfire Furniture: Coming soon! A collapsible, High backed, laminated wooden campfire chair with carry handles. Great to lounge around in around the campfire at the cottage or campsite!

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Paddle Style Options

  • Beaver Tail with Standard Grip

    Traditionally, an all-rounder, suitable for multiple paddling situations. This blade gets wider from the throat to the tip.  Allows for a day long steady pace. Available in Traditional or Modern Style, $100.

  • Otter Tail with Voyageur Grip

    A finesse style of paddle, suitable for the extra-long days and in turn will be easier. This blade starts out wider at the throat and then tapers off to a narrower tip. Ottertail paddles tend to be longer overall, making it a great choice for the solo paddler. Available in Traditional or Modern Style, $100.

  • Husky Tail with T-Grip

    A powerful blade designed to move lots of water. Best suited for the stronger paddler or for those that find themselves in moving and/or shallow water, $125.

  • Laminated

    Straight laminate with resin tip: Beavertail/Ottertail $175. Husky Tail $200

    Feather laminate with resin tip: Beavertail/Ottertail $200. Husky Tail $225

    Add Fiber Glass, +$30.
    Add a Resin Tip, +$25.
    Add a Resin Edge, +$50.

  • Wood Choices

    Ash: Ash is a strong impact resistant wood, which is guaranteed to delight even the most demanding of canoe enthusiasts. The durability of this wood allows for an excellent flex, and is known for its light colour and spectacular grain.

    Cherry: A popular wood due to its attractive red grain which overtime, can sometimes darken into a rich, deep colour. In addition to the beautiful colour, this wood is strong and lightweight making for a flexible blade. It is our top selling wood type, and a popular choice with both sport canoeists and recreationalists.

    Maple: Maple paddles feature a moderate flex, are extremely durable, and are about the same weight as Ash.

    Specialty Wood: Birdseye Maple, Curly/Flaming Maple are our specialty woods. Birdseye, Curly/Flaming Maple provides you with the same functionality as Maple, but is beautifully stunning with its unique grain. $150.

    Others: Basswood and Birch

  • Fractical Burning

    Take your paddle customization one step further with this cool looking process! This option is a special add on. Also known as Lichtenberg figures, this process can burn and leave ‘lightning bolts’ as deep as a ¼”. These grooves are then filled with a marine grade resin epoxy to even the finish out. Colour epoxy options are clear, black, red, blue & green. Both sides, the shaft and grip will be fractal burned in random fashion. Paddle cost, $200. Add a Resin Tip, +$25. Add a Resin Edge, +$50. Add Fiber Glass, +$30.

Finished by Hand

All Haliburton Forest Paddles are hand finished. Our preferred finish of choice is wood oil with naturally occurring mold & mildew protection, which allows us to provide a hand-rubbed durable, matte finish for each paddle.

Also, we offer a rugged polyurethane gloss varnish finish with UV protection for those high use situations or combine the 2 so that you get a hand-rubbed polyurethane varnish on our paddle blade along with an oiled shaft and grip. Paddles are also available unfished or ‘raw’ as well. We also offer a natural stained/ tinted paddle known as ‘Ebonizing’. Ebonizing wood is the effect of darkening or blackening a naturally lighter colored wood to appear more like black ebony wood. Ebonized wood can be created with a reactive process or other means to color the wood darker or black, like ebony, while still allowing the wood grain to show through. Favorite wood to ebonize: Ash, Cherry because of the higher tannins.


Custom & Personalized

We can even personalize your already unique paddle with initials, names, logos or crests with our state-of-the-art Universal Laser Systems laser engraver. The creative options are endless!

How Long Should Your Canoe Paddle Be?

There are more variations of canoe paddles available than you can imagine. So many that it can be intimidating to choose. But in general, you want to get the shortest paddle that lets you submerge the blade of your paddle into the water, without having to bend unnaturally to stroke and paddle.

More specifically, most people paddle with their upper grip hand at about chin to nose level. The quickest way to estimate the distance from your chin or nose to the throat of your paddle where it enters the water is to measure your torso length.

To do that sit in a chair and measure from the flat surface of the chair between your legs to your chin or nose, depending on if you want your hand a little lower in front of you when you paddle, or not.

Once you have that measurement, below is a quick sizing guide for recreational paddle lengths.

Note: Blade dimensions affect paddle length. Longer and narrower bladed paddles will require that your optimum paddle be longer in overall length. Shorter and wider paddle blades will require shorter overall canoe paddles in order to fit & work correctly.

Canoe Paddle Sizing Guide
Torso MeasurementStraight Paddle Length
20″Youth 36″
22″Youth 42″
24″Youth 48″
26″51″ or 52″
30″56″ or 57″
32″57″ or 58″

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