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At Haliburton Forest, we are proud of our involvement in the timber industry, and we are happy to share our knowledge about the land and wood processing with the public. Accordingly, we are able to offer tours of our forestry operations and of the sawmill.

As an extension of its forest, all products generated at the Haliburton Forest sawmill are certified by the internationally recognized Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) as using only timber from our sustainable forestry operations, a designation rarely achieved on this continent. This assures customers that the highest level of environmental and social care is being taken in the generation of all wood products at Haliburton Forest.

Sawmill tours run every Thursday throughout the summer in July and August. Tours start at 1:00 pm. A minimum of 6 participants is required.  Reservations can be made no later than 5 days prior to tour date. 


Lumber, timbers and other wood products from Haliburton Forest's mill can be obtained by contacting:

  • Retail Lumber Inquiries: Living Woodwork, a joint venture with Haliburton Forest at for small lumber orders and wood products or check out the website for Living Woodwork.
  • Retail Lumber for Ecolog Customers: If you are interested in an Eco-Log Home, please contact our salesperson, Peter Redman, by phone (416-428-1513) or email, or check out the website for Eco-Log Homes.
  • Wholesale Lumber Inquiries: The Haliburton Forest Sawmill at for timber and transport size lumber orders.
  • Log Sales/Log Purchase Inquires: The Haliburton Forest Sawmill at
  • Firewood Wood Chips, Sawdust or Bark: Not sold by Haliburton Forest.
  • General Sawmill Questions: The Haliburton Forest Sawmill at