Lake Fishing at Haliburton Forest: An Angler's Delight

Imagine a calm pristine lake and you are the only person fishing on it.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Haliburton Forest is an angler’s delight with over 100 lakes, numerous large ponds and miles of streams and creeks, offering year-round fishing for everyone.

Haliburton Forest is traditionally “trout country”.  Lake Trout, Brook (Speckled) Trout and Rainbow Trout are the game species in many of the lakes and streams. While native trout populations still exist in many lakes, four of our lakes (Blue Lake, Dog Lake, Snap Lake and Duck Lake) are stocked annually with Rainbow Trout & Brook Trout which offer the angler good catching potential. *Despite good catching potential, Haliburton Forest is not a trout farm and cannot guarantee fishing success. Any fish you catch is your own achievement.

Summer is a great time to fish for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, White Sucker, Ling and Yellow Perch which are the dominant species in some of our lakes. These warmer water species provide good fun fishing through the warmer months.  The colder water species such as trout can be more elusive with the prime time being spring and early fall.

Turn your paddling adventure into a fishing success story and a memorable experience.

Download a trails map.

Turn your regular Ontario ice fishing trip into a winter wonderland adventure at Haliburton Forest, as our lakes are only accessible by Snowmobile or ATV during the winter months.

Ice fishing offers the angler the opportunity to fish for the unique ‘Haliburton Gold’ Lake Trout, which is only found in 11 lakes in Haliburton County, as well as for Brook (Speckled) Trout and Lake Trout which are usually more active through the cooler months.

To book your fishing adventure, Property Day Passes are available online or through our Base Camp office. Winter day passes can be found here.

An extensive fishing guide to Haliburton Forest’s waters is available at the Base Camp office.

All lakes reachable by road offer boat landings that can be accessed without trespassing over campsites.  Some boat launch sites may require a small portage (for example, Snap Lake).

A mandatory creel survey is in effect for all lakes within Haliburton Forest. Anglers are required to report truthfully all catches as well as all angling efforts – successful or not – in order to assist Haliburton Forest’s management of its fisheries. This information allows us to effectively direct our fisheries management efforts in continuously improving the fishing experience for our clients. Hard copy surveys can be picked up in the Main Office or fill out our online form from the convenience of your home, campsites or accommodation.

Fishing restrictions are in effect on MacDonald, Clear, and Black lakes. Although Haliburton Forest is privately owned, provincial Fish and Game Laws do apply and will be enforced.

On most of the lakes the use of live bait is prohibited. Further (and updated) information on Haliburton Forest and its fishery can be obtained at the Base Camp office.

Outboard Motors

The general size limit for outboard motors on Haliburton Forest’s lakes is 9.9 horsepower.

No gasoline outboards are permitted on:

1. Blue Lake 2. L’Azure Lake 3. Dutton Lake 4. Black Lake 5. Baby Loon Lake 6. Loon Lake

Please check provincial Fishing Regulations (Fisheries Management Zone 15) to find out about lake closures.

Please respect the private property of Haliburton Forest. Please also have respect for the concerns of others and the environment.

  • Please take home your garbage, especially your tangled fishing line.
  • Please do not dump bait buckets or worm tubs into lakes or at boat launches. One of the greatest threats to the natural trout fishery at Haliburton Forest is the introduction of invasive species through bait buckets.
  • Please be vigilant about avoiding introducing non-native species. Restrictions on live bait are in effect on many lakes.
  • Avoid excessive noise and honour posted regulations. 
  • Fish responsibility.  To ensure a sustainable future of Haliburton Forest fisheries we ask that you keep a minimal number of fish; release fish that are small and of optimal breeding age.
  • Handle fish with care.  Some fish species, particularly trout, are coated with slime that protects their sensitive skin.  Do not remove this coating. Handle the fish gently with wet hands and release with care.
  • Conservation projects are undertaken in collaboration with various organizations with the goal of maintaining or enhancing self-sustaining fish populations.  Often management controls are put into place to ensure the success of the project and future longevity.  We ask you to work with us on achieving those goals and play a part in developing memorable fishing experiences.

Haliburton Forest Fishing Society

In August 2017 the Haliburton Forest Fishing Society was formed as a collaborative initiative between Haliburton Forest and those who enjoy fishing, working towards the stewardship of the lakes and the restoration of the fish stocking program.

Anybody can join the Haliburton Forest Fishing Society. It is co-chaired by a representative of Haliburton Forest and a member of the stakeholder community. The current co-chairs of the Fishing Society are Cameron Ferguson (Haliburton Forest) and Chris Mcintyre (Stakeholder).

We invite all who are interested in seeing fish being put into our lakes and improvements to the fishing experience at Haliburton Forest to contribute towards sustainable fisheries.

The goals for Haliburton Forest Fishing Society are as follows:

  • Generate funds to go towards fish stocking through membership contributions that are matched by Haliburton Forest. All funds raised go towards stocking fish.
  • Work towards self-sustaining native fish populations within our lakes through promotion of responsible fishing practices.
  • Establish natural reproducing populations of native fish species in suitable lakes through conservation efforts.
  • The Fishing Society will contribute to data collection, scientific studies, conservation and ongoing stewardship of our lakes. 

To ensure that Haliburton Forest has thriving fisheries which are economically and environmentally sustainable, anybody interested is invited to work towards the goals by becoming a member of the Haliburton Forest Fishing Society.  The creation of the Haliburton Forest Fishing Society will:

  • Assist in the implementation, and to some extent financing of a sustainable fishery.
  • It will also act as a leading forum for the communication between Haliburton Forest and the angling community.
  • Input and data collection by members aim to bring a greater understanding to Haliburton Forest’s fisheries,
  • Assist with management strategies,
  • Bring the community closer together.
  • Ensure that fish continue to be stocked in the lakes.

Those interested in joining are asked to contribute a minimum of $25.00 per person.  All funds will be used for the purpose of stocking fish in our lakes and are matched by Haliburton Forest.  Each year we raise more money for more fish.

Contributions can be made by selecting the appropriate button below, or by mailing a cheque to Haliburton Forest.  As we are a for profit company charitable receipts cannot be issued.  There are two options to select from for donations:

PAY NOW – Individual Membership of $25.00
DONATE – Donation of Members Choosing

Cheques can also be made out to Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd (include Fishing Society in the memo section).  Please include your name, phone number and email address when mailing cheques so you can receive any updates and notices regarding the Haliburton Forest Fishing Society.  Please mail cheques to:

Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd.
1095 Redkenn Road
Haliburton, ON
K0M 1S0

For questions about the Fishing Society, please contact Cameron Ferguson:

For general inquiries about Haliburton Forest, please contact the Main Office: / 1-800-631-2198

New to the sport, or just want to learn more?

Contact Yours Outdoors by email at to inquire.

Buy Haliburton Forest’s Fishing Guidebook in the Main Office at Base Camp.  

We know you’ll find a superior fishing challenge here at Haliburton Forest, but the best way for you to judge is to come and see for yourself. This is your invitation!