2014 Wolf Centre Exhibitions

2014 Wolf Centre Exhibitions

The Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre hosts a variety of wolf related exhibitions. During summer of 2014 we are glad to have 2 exhibitions: Abstract wolf paintings by David Alexander Risk and wolf photography by John Cavers.

David Alexander Risk and his ExhibitionDavid Alexander Risk is the Artist in Residence at Haliburton Forest, and he has had multiple exhibitions at the wolf centre in the past. This year David shows abstract wolf paintings in the style of Fauvism (which literally means “wild beast”). With this new artwork style with bold brush strokes and bright colours, this artist was given the colourful nickname Whiskey Jack after his favorite bird of the forest: The Canada Gray Jay, also called Whiskey Jack.

John Cavers is an avid outdoorsman…kayaking, swimming mountain biking, cross country skiing and more. John Cavoers and his photo exhibition John took up photography several years ago as a hobby, and now his work is on display in the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery in Sutton, and his photographs have been published in many newspapers and magazines. John also won this year’s wolf center photo contest. John’s exhibition at the wolf centre shows amazing pictures of the Haliburton Forest wolves. Check out his website http://johncaversnature.com to see more of his work.

David’s paintings as well as John’s photographs are available for sale at the wolf centre.

Recently Erin and Richard Goldberg purchased one of David’s Whiskey Jack paintings. It was their very first purchase of original art, and they were very excited about their new purchase. The picture below shows the proud family receiving their painting from David.

Hermann Thoene

Painting Handover at Wolf Centre