Carole Finn, A River Runs Through

Carole Finn, A River Runs Through

In late 2011 Carole Finn, a local artist and founder of the School of the Arts in Haliburton in the 1970’s, approached me about featuring Haliburton Forest in one of her upcoming shows.

She had just completed and was showing an exhibit on the Pacific Rim, and was working at that time on a similar presentation on the Minden White Water Preserve. When asked what she would need, she replied: “Rocks, water and trees.” A fitting description of Haliburton Forest.

On a splendid day in the fall of 2012 I met with Carole to take her into the Hollow Valley, the place within Haliburton Forest where the rocks are most stunning and the Hollow River, after gathering Haliburton’s and Algonquin Park’s water meanders towards Muskoka.Picture of Big Rock Hollow Valley

She returned a couple of times, taking pictures and notes, which are now reflected in her art and which resulted in the exhibition “A River Runs Through – Haliburton Forest”.

I am honoured to have  been a part of this unusual and outstanding project, which is featured in the Agnes Jamieson Gallery in Minden from September until November 2013.


The 3 minute video below is a summary of the opening event at the gallery in Minden.

A River Runs Through – Haliburton Forest from Sticks and Stones Productions on Vimeo.