Our Wolf Pup Has A Name!!

Our Wolf Pup Has A Name!!

Our wolf pup is 6 months old! To celebrate, we have chosen a name for him and a winner for our naming contest.

Onyx through tressDrumroll please…..the name we’ve chosen is Onyx! We’d like to thank everyone who entered the contest and all those who chose the name Onyx. The lucky winner of our draw is Ruth Haisell, who has won a 1-year Wolf Centre membership and a t-shirt of her choice.

Onyx is a great example of the ‘survival of the fittest’ strategy that defines wolf survival. Four pups were born in our enclosure in May but sadly, the other three have perished. Onyx has been the biggest and strongest from the start, boldly taking food from the adults and therefore getting enough nutrients and de-worming medication to thrive. In a wild pack, Onyx would now be starting to hunt with the adults although still ‘in training.’ After another 1-2 months of hunting practice he would start playing an active role in taking down prey. Here at the Wolf Centre, he has brought a lot of energy into the pack, who regularly participate in play sessions to train him on proper socialization.

Black wolf pup onyx

Onyx’s half-birthday coincides with our first snow accumulation of the year, what a perfect photo opportunity!

Onyx the black wolf pup


Juliette Arsenault