Ines Lancia

Kennel Coordinator

Ines loves: Our dogs and wolves at Haliburton Forest, and swimming in our clean lakes.

You might meet Ines during: The Canopy Tour, Wolf Centre, High Ropes, Guided Hikes, Wolf Howls, Canoeing, Swimming, Mountain Biking.

Originally from Germany and with a background in Tourism and Hospitality, Ines joined the Haliburton Forest Team in 2015. She chose Haliburton Forest because it’s a fantastic place to grow, learn and experience the outdoors.

She advocates for the sustainable forestry practices undertaken at Haliburton Forest — and in her opinion, there should be more places just like it. With her outgoing personality, Ines enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

Ines is a passionate traveler and believes travelling is how we get to know new cultures, learn new languages, and explore new places. 

Ines has done everything from hiking trips through the mountains, to kayaking in the ocean, to training sled dogs for the Yukon Quest. Ines believes the outdoors is a fantastic place to have new experiences.