Northwest Lexus Team at The Forest

Northwest Lexus Team at The Forest

Snow. Wolves. Winter fun. And a fleet of Lexus enthusiasts.

Earlier this winter we had the pleasure of welcoming Northwest Lexus to Haliburton Forest. They thoroughly enjoyed their stay and wanted to share their experience through this guest blog post:

Each winter season, the team at Northwest Lexus in Brampton takes a group of their clientele (we call them family) on a drive event meant to provide a break from the day-to-day grind, and give drivers a chance to experience just what their Lexus are capable of in winter conditions

So, while choosing this year’s venues, we knew from experience that we needed A) somewhere that provided access to some nice drives, and B) somewhere that encapsulated the spirit of the season in Canada. We found both of these, in abundance, at the Haliburton Forest Wildlife Reserve.

Winter FunArriving by Lexus, naturally, after a lunch in Haliburton, our guests opened the event by getting out into the natural wild on their choice of snowmobile or dog sled, lead by the pros at Haliburton Forest.

Then, we were treated to one of the reserve’s main events: the feeding of the resident wolves. The squeamish may have strayed to the outside of the pack, but witnessing this raw, natural event is truly something to remember.

We then packed up for the night, retiring to the nearby Pinestone Resort, and spent the next day at the Minden Fair grounds, testing our Lexus on an array of winter-driving courses we had set up.

It all looked a little like this:


To answer your question, yes, it was devastatingly fun.

It seems a crime to say this, with spring fresh in the air as it is, but the whole event almost has us pining for the return of snow… Although we’re sure Haliburton Forest is something to behold this time of year, too.

Suppose we’ll just have to take a drive up there to find out.


Winter fun 2