Trail Maps

Upon registration at the Haliburton Forest office at the Basecamp, visitors receive a complimentary durable trail map for winter or summer trails. Below you find an electronic (PDF) version of these maps. Clicking on the maps will download a high resultion PDF version of the map (3-9 MByte in size!). 

The sumer trail map shows not only all roads, trails and cabins, but also the daily/weekly rentable campsites. The campsites are named by "mile markers" inside of white boxes (0.7, 3.3 4.3 etc.) besisde the campsite symbols. Pictures of each renable campsite are available on this page.

New: We now offer interactive maps for Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops with GPS support.

Winter trail map:

Haliburton Forest winter trail map 

Summer trail map:

 Haliburton Forest summer trail map