Trail Map Download

Our interactive maps use an application called CarryMap. This application is available for Android, iOS (iPhone) and Microsoft Windows. Before you can use the maps, you have to install the appropriate application for your device:

1. Install the free CarryMap app before downloading maps:
CarryMap for Android 4.0+
CarryMap for iOS 8.0+
CarryMap for Windows (scroll down to find the right link) 7/8/10

2. Download the desired map below: Please note that some web browers may not accept the program.  Safari (iPhone) and Google Chrome (iPhone and Android) work the best for the map download.  Regular Google may not accept the map download.
2020 Summer Trail Map (.cmf2 file format)
2021 Winter Trail Map with contours  (large file, .cmf2 file format)
2021 Winter Trail Map no contours (large file, .cmf2 file format)

 3. Start CarryMap and open the downloaded map

Please note:

  • To avoid outdated maps, some of the electronic maps will expire at a certain date. Please come back to this web page to download the latest maps if your maps have expired.
  • Our maps are provided through a free application called CarryMap from Data East.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions about the Haliburton Forest maps, please contact Hermann at