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Haliburton Forest offers over 300 km of forest roads and trails. This extensive trail network is a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. Below you will find a detailed description for most of the trails. The Difficulty rating relates to Mountain Biking and not so much to hiking.

For each trail visitors can download the description including a small map and hight profile as a printable PDF file. These downloadable trail pages also include a trail description in French.

The map below shows the location of each trail. Click on the map to download a high resolution PDF version of this map.

If you own a smartphone or tablet you may want to download our interactive mobile trail map

 Haliburton Forest summer trail map

Forestry Walkforestry-walk-map

Length: 1.0 km    Rating: Easy

An easy trail, flat close to Base Camp, winding through a maple and beech stand. Perfect during all seasons if you’re looking for some fresh air! There are a few wet and muddy spots but some wooden bridges and board walks will help you to cross. 

Look around you for signs if you want to learn more about the trees around you!

This trail is intended for walking and is not suitable for bikes.

Download the Forestry Walk PDF file.

Wild Woods WalkWild Wood Walk map

Length: 1.9 km (top) + 1.4 km (bottom)    Rating: Moderate

Wild Woods Walk is an easy to moderate trail close to Base Camp. The trail passes through rolling terrain with an amazing variety of trees and plants. Along your way you will find some informative signs about the plants and wildlife in this area.

At the beginning of the top side of the trail, you can see some semi-permanent pieces of land art from the Forest Art Project, installed between 2008 and 2011.

Download the Wild Woods Walk PDF file.

Kendra Trailkendra-trail-map

Length: 6.0 km    Rating: Difficult

Sections of this challenging trail may be muddy under wet conditions, while others are very rocky. Although wide, the trail offers some very technical riding. The incline from Kelly Lake is “brutal”, even to hike.

Mountain bikes were made for this trail. Beware of obstacles hidden under grass and vegetation.

Download the Kendra Trail PDF file.

Poachers Trailpoachers trail map

Length: 3.7 km    Rating: Difficult

This trail is a combination of single tracks and wider logging trails through a variety of landscapes and terrain.

After a rugged uphill at the north end, the trail offers the best ride from north to south. It is hard packed, well marked and defined.

Download the Poachers Trail PDF file.


The PassThe Pass map

Length: 0.75 km    Rating: Difficult

A short trail section which serves as a connector between Blue Lake and the Redstone Vista. The scenery complements the difficult terrain.

Download the Pass Trail PDF file.

Redstone Vista TrailRedstone Vista Trail map

Length: 1.0 km    Rating: Difficult

This trail offers a challenging climb and an even more challenging descent with sections of loose rubble. It is best ridden from Blue Lake (West to East). The view to the south across Pelaw and Redstone Lake is rewarding. Use extreme caution on your descent.

Download the Redstone Vista Trail PDF file.


Ben's TrailBen's trail map

Length: 2.7 km    Rating: Moderate

This single tracked trail offers a few steep hills, very dense wooden parts, and nice grassy stretches. It is a good hiking trail, and moderate for mountain biking.

Download the Ben's Trail PDF file.

Krista TrailKrista Trail map

Length: 3.6 km    Rating: Moderate

This single tracked trail is best ridden from Clear Lake towards Marsh Lake. It’s a great and wonderful trail, offering a rewarding challenge to anyone. At the same time, it is scenic, meandering through the forest, passing ponds and wetlands. Plan a stop in at the Marsh Lake Lookout overlooking one of the most extensive marshland in this part of the province!

Download the Krista Trail PDF file.


Greg TrailGreg Trail Map

Length: 2.8 km    Rating: Moderate

This trail is one, long, gradual hill up and then down. The trail is single tracked, hard packed with some marshy and sandy sections.

This is a great trail combined with Krista Trail.

Download the Greg Trail PDF file.

Black Creek TrailBlack Creek Trail Map

Length: 4.77 km    Rating: Moderate

This trail can be clearly divided in two sections: the northerly portion is wide, well packed, easy to ride access road.

While the southerly portion is more difficult with some wet and muddy sections which should not be travelled in the early part of the season or under wet conditions. The trail goes along many wetlands and a creek. Most hills are not steep.

Download the Black Creek Trail PDF file.


Normac TrailNormac Trail Map

Length: 3.0 km    Rating: Difficult

This trail is probably our most technical trail, winding through the pristine scenery and mature stands of hemlock. It contains many rock outcrops, roots and short, but steep hills to negotiate. The trail is well defined and generally hard packed. There are only a few, yet short lived, wet spots. Enjoy the spectacular view across MacDonald Lake!

This is a great trail combined with Krista Trail.

Download the Normac Trail PDF file.

Dog TrailDog Trail Map

Length: 3.85 km    Rating: Moderate

Conveniently located close to Base Camp, this single tracked trail is scenic, passing through a couple a nice wetlands and hardwood and hemlock stands. Some parts can be wet and muddy at the beginning of the season or under wet conditions, and there are a few rocky areas. This is a moderate trail for biking but it offers a good hike.

Download the Dog Trail PDF file.


Red Trail - Central SecionRed Trail - Central

Length: 5.4 km    Rating: Moderate

This trail section has a potential to be wet and muddy in spots. However, it offers nice sections staying on the high sides, meandering through pristine forest. It offers a nice long ride combined with King and James Trail or Green Trail.

Download the Red Trail Central PDF file.

Red Trail - North SectionRed Trail - North

Length: 7.7 km    Rating: Moderate

This trail is a logging access road mainly used for snowmobiling in the winter, winding through hardwood stands. The trail tends to be wet in the early season. The top and the bottom sections are packed and graveled.

You can decide half way to go back on Dutton Road via Moose Trail, or on North Road via a trail south of Depot Lake.

Download the Red Trail North PDF file.


North Shore TrailNorth Shore Trail

Length: 4.2 km    Rating: Difficult/Extreme for biking

North Shore Trail is one of the most difficult mountain bike trails, but it is great for hiking.

This single tracked trail is partly along a steep hill side, and there are a few really steep sections. The trail goes along Clear Lake, quite close to the shore.

Download the North Shore Trail PDF file.

Chico TrailChico Trail

Length: 1.3 km    Rating: Difficult

A short but difficult and twisted single tracked trail. It’s best done north to south to avoid too many uphill sections.

Download the Chico Trail PDF file.



Green TrailGreen Trail

Length: 2.1 km    Rating: Moderate

A moderate scenic trail, which offers a long, gradual uphill, followed by a refreshing, great downhill towards Red Trail.

Download the Green Trail PDF file.


Lookout TrailLookout Trail

Length: 3.6 km    Rating: Difficult

This single tracked trail consists of one monster hill. Don't let that stop you, because once you reach the loop area, there are two spectacular views across forests and Black Lake making the effort worthwhile!

Download the Lookout Trail PDF file.


Sunday TrailSunday Trail

Length: 11.7 km    Rating: Moderate

A nice trail if you want don't like rocky terrain. The southern half of this trail is a maintained road gently leading over hills. In the center it turns into a moderate trail with a few steep sections that can be muddy after heavy rain, before it becomes a road again in the north.

The best season for hiking or biking this trail is August till October.

Download the Sunday Trail PDF file.


Sprucetree Trail – Northern partSprucetree Trail

Length: 2.4 km    Rating: Moderate

While the southern section of Sprucetree Trail is a winter trail only, the northern part between Sunday Trail and Nugget Road is a nice mountain bike and hiking trail. From Nugget Road it gently climbs up a hill next to Lost Lake, then it turns into a moderate trail leading across two more hills towards Sunday Trail.

Then you can either go north looping back to Nugget Road or go for a longer ride down the southern part of Sunday Trail. 

Best season for hiking or biking this trail is August to October.

Download the Sprucetree Trail PDF file.



East RoadEast Road

Length: 13.5 km    Rating: Easy

Very scenic road through small rolling hills along multiple lakes.

The road can be a bit busy during summer, so please be careful.

Download the East Road PDF file.


Greif RoadGreif Road

Length: 2.8 km    Rating: Easy

Wide, hard packed road offering rolling hills along a few lakes and wetlands. This road does accommodate a varying degree of vehicular traffic, which should be taken in account! Ride single file on right hand side only.

Download the Greif Road PDF file.


King & James TrailKing and James Trail

Length: 3.1 km    Rating: Moderate

One of the most favorite trails at Haliburton Forest, the King & James trail offers anything a biker can hope for. It is hard packed; the eastern portion is graveled. Enjoy the view on some wetlands and creeks!

Download the King & James Trail PDF file.


Outlook TrailOutlook Trail

Length: 3.3 km    Rating: Difficult

Twin trail to the Lookout trail, the Outlook Trail is longer and consists of a bigger hill. But the view makes the ride or hike worthwhile!

Download the Outlook Trail PDF file.



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