New Wolf Puppies Born at Haliburton Forest

New Wolf Puppies Born at Haliburton Forest

New Births at Haliburton Forest – 6 new wolf pups born at the Wolf Center

To the delight of everyone at Haliburton Forest the Haliburton Forest Wolf Center is proud to announce that 6 wolf pups were born on April 28, 2012.

The 6 pups, 3 male and 3 female brown and black in colouration were born in a small den on the north west corner of the 15 acre enclosure. Within 10 days of this happy event, 2 of the wolf pups – one male and one female – were flown to the Wolf Science Center in Vienna, Austria, where they will join other wolves and provide scientists an insight into wolf behaviour and social interactions.

It took almost 6 weeks before the 4 remaining pups made their way to the viewing area. Unfortunately we have lost one of the young wolves for unknown reasons in the meantime. While we do not guarantee sightings of any wolves let alone the pups, visitors to the Wolf Center have been enthralled by the many antics of the young pups as they play with each other, bug the adults for food and chase butterflies.Wolf Puppies Playing

For more information on the wolves and the wolf center of Haliburton Forest please click here.

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The development of the Haliburton forest wolves in Austria can be followed on their website.