Thomas McCay

Forestry Manager

Thomas worked as a tree planting supervisor and fundraising manager before following his long-time passion to live and work in the woods.  A graduate of the Master of Forest Conservation program at the University of Toronto, he joined Haliburton Forest in 2015.  Thomas is now the Chief Forester for Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve and our connected crown operations and stewardship services program.  He works with an excellent forestry team to deliver management planning, forest inventories, tree-marking and silviculture, an internal research program, Forest Stewardship Council certification.

Thomas is passionate about helping Haliburton Forest be a leader in sustainable and multi-use forest management, and he is obsessive about improving sustainability and productivity in the maple forests of the region.  An examination of his bedside table might reveal “Forest Management Plan for the Minden Crown Unit: 1996-2001” or “A Critique of Silviculture: Managing for Complexity” alongside some books that normal people would read.