Enjoying a snowmobile ride, by Suzanne Gallagher

Haliburton Forest is the only wholly privately owned snowmobiling operation in the world. Its 80,000 acres of forest wilderness with over 50 lakes and numerous ponds and creeks make it a snowmobiling wonderland. It was recently rated by industry critics as one of the top-10 snowmobiling destinations in North America. To quote the report:  "Nothing in the world compares to it!"

Snowmobiles on trailHaliburton Forest is frequently referred to as "Ontario's Snowmobiling Wonderland". Consistently superior snow conditions at the top of the Algonquin Dome and operating on over 300 kilometers of well developed trails through some of Ontario’s most scenic wilderness has earned Haliburton Forest this reputation.

These features also provide unmatched snowmobiling conditions on a consistent basis even when the rest of Eastern North America is suffering from repeated winters of poor snow.

While comments from visiting snowmobilers pay tribute to these unsurpassed conditions and amazing snowmobiling experiences at Haliburton Forest, they also reveal a concern about the degree and nature of traffic and its effect on the future of snowmobiling in this private forest.

Snowmobiles in front of frozen falls, by John TullochLike most snowmobiling areas in Ontario, Haliburton Forest has seen a dramatic growth in its snowmobiling operation over the past years and is committed to snowmobiling for the long term. In order not to jeopardize this development and the future of snowmobiling, sacrificing the quality of its snowmobiling experience, Haliburton Forest reorganized the way it conducts its snowmobiling operation in 2003. The changes implemented also address environmental and safety concerns, which are both of primary importance within the overall concept of Haliburton Forest's year-round operation.

As a result, Haliburton Forest established itself as North America's premier snowmobiling destination - in the heart of Ontario! 

Snowmobiles at BasecampPoint of entry to the property is the Base Camp at Kennisis Lake where trail passes can be obtained. Gasoline and oil, machine rentals, accommodation and food are also available here. Ample free parking and space to unload machines is provided. Services to machines are available at nearby Haliburton Outdoor Equipment and Kennisis Lake Marina.

From Base Camp the main trail leads north. Altogether over 300 km of trails are being maintained on a permanent basis. The core of the trail system is double tracked and up to 20 feet wide. Scenic single tracked trails access some of the remote areas within the forest. Half a dozen shelter cabins line the trail system. These are equipped with stoves and firewood to let guests warm up, enjoy a snack or simply socialize.

A four colour, fold-out map of the area showing the trail system (find a downloadable map on this page), location of shelters, lakes, etc. can be obtained free of charge.

Haliburton Forest is not crossed by any highways. Main lake crossings are staked and a network of dry land trails, not crossing water, is being maintained in order to stay independent of weather conditions.

Speaking about weather: Haliburton Forest, as part of the "Algonquin Dome", the height of land dividing Central Ontario's Waters, is consistently receiving more snow than snowmobiling regions to the south, east and west. Before your visit please view our frequently updated Trail Conditions page. 


Snowmobiling Rates

Daily Trail Passes*: 

  • Snowmobile driver - $49 per day
  • Snowmobile passenger - $ 10 per day

*Valid ownership and insurance per snowmobile must be presented to staff in the Main Office upon check in.

Seasonal Trail Passes: 

  • $450 per person until January 1st, $500 per person afterwards
  • Family: $450 for the first machine per family, $200 for the second machine, $100 for all additional machines in the same household.
    Please Note: Children under 18 are to be accompanied by parent/guardian.
  • Haliburton Forest Leaseholders: $100 per snowmobile or ATV per season.

Snowmobile Rentals

Please visit our Snowmobile Rentals page to find out more about our rental fleet and rental prices.

Trail and Property Use Permit

All visitors to Haliburton Forest are required to obtain a permit (daily or seasonal) prior to entering the property. Those failing to comply will face trespassing charges. The daily permit is valid for the day it was purchased for, until midnight. At time of purchase valid ownership and insurance per snowmobile must be presented to staff in the Main Office. Haliburton Forest is limiting the number of daily users on its trail system to 100. Therefore, daily visitors, especially on weekends, are required to reserve a space on the trails prior to arrival. This will ensure that visiting snowmobilers will be provided with the best possible and consistently superior snowmobiling conditions.


Haliburton Forest offers various sizes of self catering, housekeeping cabins with T.V. and most with fireplaces, as well as two larger log cabins suitable for small groups. Bookings, especially for weekends, should occur well in advance. Check out our Accommodations page for more information.

The Cookhouse

A charming, spacious and year round restaurant overlooking Kennisis Lake, as well as a convenience store, is situated at the Base Camp. Our Cookhouse page provides more information about the restaurant, including full menus.

Other Services

Gasoline, oil, and propane are available at the Base Camp. Check out the Reservations & Rates page for current opening times and for contact information. Visa, MasterCard and Interac are accepted.

The following short video provides a nice overview of snowmobiling at Haliburton Forest: