Wolf Center


Our Wolf Center is a world leader in wolf education and research, and offers visitors a unique and exciting opportunity to view and learn about wolves in a natural setting



Haliburton Forest is a fisherman's delight. With over 50 lakes, numerous large ponds and miles of streams and creeks, we offer year round fishing for everyone.


Canopy Tour


A walk in the clouds is more than a guided tour: It is an experience that you will not soon forget.
From river basin to tree top, the tour takes in all the splendour
that nature has to offer.




Haliburton Forest has developed an extensive network of semi-wilderness campsites on 17 of its 50 lakes. While a majority of sites are leased on an annual basis, a number of designated sites have been reserved for short term use.


Mountain Biking


Over 300 kilometers of forest access roads and trails make Haliburton Forest one of North America's premier mountain biking destinations. Riders can stick to the rolling access roads, take one of the many wide forest trails, or plan a route that takes them off to some of the toughest terrain in the Province.


Group Experiences


Exceptional programs and training, high in the air or close to the ground. Unique weddings, special corporate trainings, school groups, youth camps and much more! Educational and lots of fun.

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Come to Know Haliburton Forest

Watch this short 1 1/2 minute video providing a nice overview about what visitors can expect of Haliburton Forest:

The Land Between - Haliburton Forest

This segment from "The Land Between" documentary series, Episode 3, features Haliburton Forest. For more about The Land Between visit www.thelandbetween.ca.

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Thanks for such a wonderful day at Haliburton Forest! We had an amazing time. Living in Haliburton we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have something as wonderful as the Haliburton Forest right in our own backyard.


One of my favorite places to go when I just need to "feel good". Thank you for being there.