Tobi is an introverted dog that needs time to adapt to new people in his life. Once he gets to know you, he likes to be around you, but he can be just as happy to lay by himself! Touching, petting and snuggling are on his own terms and timing. Even with people he is familiar with, Tobi is not always comfortable with physical interaction. He really enjoys going for walks, though he can be wary of new surroundings and will need some adjustment time. Tobi loves his kennel and would like to have a crate or dog house as a safe space for him if he is feeling shy or overwhelmed.

Tobi is an Alaskan Husky, who joined us in 2015 along with four other rescued dogs. Therefore, we do not know his exact age or mix, but estimate he is between 7 -10 years of age.

Tobi would be best suited for a calm, quiet home with patient and experienced owners. Older children are okay, but we think an adults-only home would be the best fit.

Date of Birth: 2010-2013

Sex: Male

Colour: Reddish brown

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Okay with kids? Best with adults

Okay with other dogs? Tobi may do well with a buddy, but a meet and greet prior to adoption would be required.


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