Quickie + The McCulloch Family

“About a year ago (2019) my family decided to check out Haliburton Forest on the recommendation of a friend. We were there a few days enjoying all it had to offer, on our last afternoon we went to what we lovingly call the “hug a husky” meet and greet with the huskies.

I started talking with the staff member running it that day, as my kids went off in their glory of loving dogs. The staff, in answer to some of my questions, was telling me about how Haliburotn Forest tries to find nice homes to adopt the dogs that are retired from sledding. She was pointing out a few of these pups when she pointed to my son and said, “That one there with your son — that’s Quickie and she’s up for adoption”.

We were hooked. We had not come with any plans to adopt a dog; we had our dog Oppy with us. Oppy is an older dog and we were not sure if she would like Quickie (born 2016). The staff arranged a meet and greet for the dogs, when that went well, they gave us time to get to know Quickie and her us. They talked through our hopes and concerns about adopting. We left with Quickie feeling very well informed and supported in our choose, but still a little scared of how Quickie was going to do in the city.

She did great! It took her a few months before the noise of cars stopped making her jump. Also because of how well Haliburton Forest trains, loves and socializes their huskies she is very good with people of all ages and other dogs. She even made friends with my cat within 10 min of meeting her! She now even has her own fan club of kids at my daughters school that love to get their pets in everyday we go.

All in all I feel adopting Quickie was one of the best decisions we ever made. Thank you Haliburton Forest for completing our family.”

-Shannon McCulloch