Neil + Cole & Marena & Echo

“We adopted Neil in February 2021, just before his 8th birthday. Having worked with him for years prior and knowing him well, we never could have expected just how amazing of a dog Neil would be at home. Despite his epilepsy, Neil is full of life, loves walks/runs and is a complete weirdo in the most endearing way. He has amazing recall, and learned to be an off-leash dog very quickly because of his clingy-ness. He does have separation anxiety, which is expressed through chewing, so he hangs out in his crate when we are away from home. Neil is so gentle and gets along with every dog he has met so far, and  our golden retriever, Echo. Having another dog at home helped make Neil’s transition to home life fairly smooth. He has far exceeded our expectations and become 1/2 of our dream team of fur babies.”