Kingston + Ken

These two brothers are the definition of gentle giants. They are the sweetest boys who can’t resist some love and snuggles. Kingston can be a bit of an acrobat and gets very excited at dinner time. He has arthritis, and may occasionally require medication to dull the ache on a bad day. His legs, shoulders and ribs are his most sensitive areas. Because of his arthritis, the best home for Kingston would be one with no stairs, and a vehicle that could have a ramp built in as he gets older. His brother Ken, is an instant favourite for all who look into is mismatched eyes! Ken can be a bit lower energy but will never turn away from love or snuggles. He is best with his brother, we would love the two of them to stay together but in the right homes they could do well apart also.

This handsome pair is best suited for a quieter home without other pets.

Date of Birth: 2010

Sex: Males

Colour: Kingston is black with white markings and two blue eyes. Ken is a dark grey/brown with some white markings, a blue and a brown eye.

Spayed/Neutered: Ken, yes. Kingston, no.

Okay with kids? Older kids or adults would be best.

Okay with other dogs? Best to have just these two.


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