Ice + Igor

Ice and Igor have always stuck together, they have never lived apart and we would like for them to stay together forever.

Ice is full of energy, big on giving kisses and has a hoot playing with water shooting out of a hose. Igor will take any time he can to snuggle and often will nudge up against our staff for some loving. Igor has developed a mass of fat on his front right leg, and while the lump looks quite concerning the vet has given him a clean bill of health, and he is not slowed down by it at all.

They are both very loving and like to lounge, but they will prefer to be outside most of the time, especially in the cooler weather. Both are very approachable and we could see them with an older family. They both are still active and smart and would be great to take on walks or even skijoring. 

Date of Birth: 2008

Sex: Males

Colour: Ice is almost entirely black with ice blue eyes and some white markings. Igor is dark grey/black with white markings on his face and legs.

Spayed/Neutered: No

Okay with kids? Better with older kids or adults

Okay with other dogs? Ice can be defensive when meeting new dogs. It would be best to have just these two.


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