Hughie + Harvey

These two brothers are an inseparable pair! They have lived and run together their whole lives so, we would prefer that they stay together.

Harvey will be there for the kisses and Hughie for the hugs. Harvey loves hanging out on the elevated platform in the yard and soaking up the sun. Anytime we walk past he is quick to reel you in with his heart-melting smile. Hughie is a mega sweetie and will absolutely steal your heart with his big brown eyes. He is a lower ranking member of our pack, and as such he can be protective of his home/kennel if he feels uncomfortable with other dogs getting too close. These boys love curling up in a nice warm space. Both are great going for short walks, and enjoy having  a well deserved nap afterward. 

Date of Birth: 2007

Sex: Males

Colour: Both are dark brown with white markings. Hughie has a white stripe up his forehead.

Spayed/Neutered: No

Okay with kids? Older kids are better

Okay with other dogs? Yes, but would be best with just these two.


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