Fudge & Free + Kim

“Life with a Haliburton Forest retired sled dog is wildly entertaining.

I adopted my brother pair at 9 years old . Yet no one believed they were older than pups. So full of life and energy. But manageable energy, unlike a puppy. Free and Fudge howl all times of the day for love and attention. They just want to be part of everything, especially human meal time. We walk up to 10 km a day, although these 2 would be happy to also sleep all day. They are so easy going and well mannered, I lucked out! Free and Fudge have been a huge part of teaching other dogs, with aggression issues, that not everything in life is scary. Their down to earth and calm demeanor has helped rehabilitate many foster dogs.

Free and Fudge have also helped train my younger sled dogs the art of dog sledding. They are super smart and just love to please. However, now that we are entering their 15th year (2020) on this planet, life is slowing down for them. They sun bathe, go for small walks, get brushed and get nail trims, plus they have become perfect reading buddies. My last 5.5 years with them has been nothing but incredible. Camping, canoeing, biking, hiking, traveling, we do it all.”