Cameron Ferguson

Operations Manager, Tourism and Recreation

Cameron loves: Fishing, trees and the great outdoors. Cameron is a trained arborist and is very passionate about our Canopy Tour.

You might meet Cameron during: The Canopy Tour, Wolf Centre, Dog Sledding, Hiking, Camping, Swimming, Mountain Biking, Group Experiences, Snowshoeing, Cross-country skiing, Fishing, Snowmobiling, Sawmill Tours, Sustainable Forestry Tours.

As an outdoor educator at Haliburton Forest, Cameron believes no person is too young or too old to learn valuable lessons from the world’s greatest classroom: the outdoors. He seeks to ensure that every visitor experiences the lessons that nature has to offer, from confronting their fears to realizing their full potential.

While leading team building workshops and teaching sustainable forestry practices, Cameron’s passion and dedication drives him to ensure that every client successfully gains new skills, experiences, and memories to last a lifetime.

Originally from Scotland, Cameron lived in Ontario for 5 years before joining the outdoor education team at Haliburton Forest in April 2008. An experienced arborist and outdoor educator, he has a passion for trees, forests, and the intricate relationships between the living things that inhabit these ecosystems.

Cameron has worked in the UK, Netherlands, and Canada.  The ultimate tree lover, Cameron is a trained arborist, and he’s taught arboriculture at the college level in northern England and Ontario.