Sustainable Wood Tours

Black Lake and fall colours


Horse Logging Demonstrations

Horse Logging pictureSometimes a tried and true method is the best way to run a business or manage a forest. Haliburton Forest is the only integrated forestry company in Ontario to continuously utilize horse logging in its forest management. Our team of horse loggers (and their horses) are skilled in low-impact, environmentally friendly harvesting practices.

Blue Heron Demonstration Forest

Blue Heron demonstration forestThe Blue Heron Demonstration Forest is one of Ontario's largest apples-to-apples comparisons of multiple harvesting methods within a single managed forest. It contains examples of unsustainable logging as well as cutting-edge, environmentally friendly logging. Our foresters enjoy sharing their knowledge about harvesting methods during tours of this research forest.

Sawmill Tours

Sawmill tours - by Cameron FergusonMost people do not realize that Haliburton Forest has its own sawmill because our forest does not resemble an image of logging. Our forestry industry operates on a low grade, single tree selection method. Interestingly enough, Haliburton Forest is primarily a logging business and the sawmill has enhanced the business incredibly. The addition of the sawmill further illustrates Haliburton Forest's commitment to sustainability as the timbers are closer to their main source. Come take a closer look and learn about how Haliburton Forest is a world leader in sustainability and forestry. 
For more information please visit our Saw Mill page.  

The Logging Museum

Inside the logging museumThe history of Haliburton Forest goes further into the past than the date the Schleifenbaum family took possession. The history can be traced as far back as early settlement in the late 1800's. The Logging Museum is the best place for a first-hand view of this incredible and unbelievable history of the people who once lived here. Visiting Haliburton Forest should always include some time for the museum to really understand our roots.
For more information about the history of Haliburton Forest please view our History webpage

The Wood Shop

The Haliburton Forest WoodshopA visit to Haliburton Forest is never final until you see the Wood Shop. Our experienced wood-workers are busy creating interesting products from our very own trees for you to purchase. As a sustainable business, we ensure that our products come only as far away as our 80,000 acres will take us. We also have a fantastic selection of antiques available for sale. 
For more information please visit our Woodshop page.

The Paddle Shop

Wood paddles made in the Haliburton Forest Paddle ShopVisit our paddle shop with a guide for an in depth view of paddle creation process. Witness the paddles in action, ask questions about the types of wood, and even leave with a paddle of your own. Discuss why we are using Beech timbers in our paddle shop or ask about our one piece paddles. Whatever your questions and interests, our paddle maker is very knowledgeable about the entire process and very keen on educating others.


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