Rock Climbing

Children rock climbing - by Sam AllardThere are many places in Ontario that you can climb on natural rock walls, but at Haliburton Forest we have a one of a kind rock face that is appropriate for all students. In just one place we will teach students how to climb, belay, work together, create a positive space, and to challenge themselves on different routes.

This natural rock wall is located at our Stocking Lake facility which also provides students with an off-the-grid experience.

Students can learn about solar panels, living lightly on the land, sustainable resource management, participating within sustainable activities, and more. Students learn so much about themselves, therefore making this experience one that is hard to pass up. Come participate in one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences Haliburton Forest has to offer. 


Please contact our facilitators for inquires and pricing information at

School group rock climbing - by Sam Allard

Expectations for Grade 9

Physical Activity
SE.MSP1 – use and combine movement skills in a variety of physical activities
SE.MSP4 – demonstrate improvement in their skill
SE.SR1 – demonstrate understanding of specific rules and guidelines for participation in recreation and sport including team, group, dual, and individual activities
SE.SR2 – identify the requirements, including basic equipment standards, preparation, and specific safety issues that maximize performance and participation in recreation and sport activities

Active Living
SE.AP1 – participate regularly in physical activities, choosing a wide range of activities
SE.AP2 – demonstrate positive, responsible personal and social behaviour in physical activity settings
SE.S1 – apply guidelines and procedures related to safe participation in physical activity
SE.S2 – demonstrate behaviour that minimizes risk to themselves and others

Geography: Academic and Applied
Geographic Foundations
SE.BKU1 – explain the terms and concepts associated with regions
SE.BKU4 - outline the criteria used to define selected Canadian ecozones and describe the process and interactions that shape those ecozones

Human Environment Interactions
SE.BKU1 – explain how human activities affect, or are affected by, the environment
SP.BKU2 – describe how natural systems influence cultural and economic activities