Low-Ropes Challenge Course

Teamwork to move students over our wallCome check out our low ropes course and watch your students build confidence in themselves, learn how to work with each other, and develop a greater sense for communication. Haliburton Forest's facilitator staff will guide students through our interesting circuit of low-ropes activities and provide challenges for students to build new skills. The low ropes course is only a short walk from base camp, where along the way you can meet our resident moose Hershe, discover our food recycling program – the pigs – and see our horses and donkey. Your facilitator will stop in our large field to play some warm up games and trust activities. Pair this activity with the Wolf Center, communication workshops, or identification hikes to make a full day at Haliburton Forest. 


Please contact of facilitation staff for inquiries and pricing information at experiences@haliburtonforest.com.

Expectations for Grade 9

Living Skills
SE.CR1 – demonstrate understanding of personal values that can lead to conflict
SE.CR2 – use assertiveness techniques to avoid escalating conflict
SE.CR3 – demonstrate active listening skills
SE.CR4 – demonstrate the appropriate steps of conflict resolution in situations encountered in class, at school, with friends, and at home
SE.CR5 – demonstrate understanding of triggers of conflict and prevent escalation
SE.SS1 – contribute to the success of the group verbally and non-verbally
SE.SS2 - explain the benefits and disadvantages of working with others
SE.SS3 – give and receive assistance
SE.SS4 – use appropriately a variety of methods for reaching group agreement
Physical Activity
SE.MSP1 – use and combine movement skills in a variety of physical activities
SE.MSP4 – demonstrate improvement in their skill
SE.SR1 – demonstrate understanding of specific rules and guidelines for participation in recreation and sport including team, group, dual, and individual activities
SE.SR2 – identify the requirements, including basic equipment standards, preparation, and specific safety issues that maximize performance and participation in recreation and sport activities

Active Living
SE.AP1 – participate regularly in physical activities, choosing a wide range of activities
SE.AP2 – demonstrate positive, responsible personal and social behaviour in physical activity settings
SE.S1 – apply guidelines and procedures related to safe participation in physical activity
SE.S2 – demonstrate behaviour that minimizes risk to themselves and others