Communication Workshops

Communication workshopsBring your students to Haliburton Forest to work on becoming more-welrounded students and citizens when considering communication, leadership, and group work. Our professional facilitation staff have a wide array of initiatives, knowledge, and activities that will build upon students' skills and develop new skills. Students of all ages and physical abilities may participate within these workshops. Overall, students will be able to transfer these learning opportunities outside of the classroom and The Forest. Your students may partake in a communication workshop for the morning and then visit the Wolf Center or an interpretive hike in the afternoon. 

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Expectations for Grade 9

Living Skills
SE.CR1 – demonstrate understanding of personal values that can lead to conflict.
SE.CR2 – use assertiveness techniques to avoid escalating conflict
SE.CR3 – demonstrate active listening skills
SE.CR4 – demonstrate the appropriate steps of conflict resolution in situations encountered in class, at school, with friends, and at home
SE.CR5 – demonstrate understanding of triggers of conflict and prevent escalation
SE.SS1 – contribute to the success of the group verbally and non-verbally
SE.SS2 - explain the benefits and disadvantages of working with others
SE.SS3 – give and receive assistance
SE.SS4 – use appropriately a variety of methods for reaching group agreement