Grade 9

Canoeing and CliffjumpingGrade 9 students are learning so much about themselves and others. Why not bring your students to Haliburton Forest to build relationships that will last a life time, learn about sustainable living, and complete curriculum expectations in an experiential manner?

Haliburton Forest has partnered many curriculum areas, including: health and physical education, science, art, and geography to the different programs we have to offer. Educational opportunities for your students can begin with some of the following: learning about forest ecosystems, environmental art, environmental solitudes, astronomy, and wilderness navigations or participating in archery, backpacking, camping (minimal impact, leave no trace), canoeing, wilderness first aid and ice safety, cross-country skiing, dogsledding, mountain biking, snowshoeing, swimming, rock climbing, rappelling, Canopy Tours, tree climbing, communication workshops, team building and group initiatives, low-ropes and high-ropes challenge courses, and campfires.

Visiting the sawmill - by Cameron FergusonTheir experiences may also include: learning about aquatic ecosystems, visiting The Wolf Center, and a night-time wolf howl. The staff at Haliburton Forest are committed to providing your grade 9 students with the best educational and experiential opportunity possible. We can design single-day or multiple-day programs to meet the needs of your classroom. [visiting-the-saw-mill-by-Cameron-Ferguson.jpg]

There are many grade 9 curriculum expectations highlighted for the activities so you can match your classroom to these events. Please contact one of our professional facilitators to prepare this experience for your students at

Come discover Haliburton Forest, explore areas of learning, and experience something new!