observatory-outsideTeachers, have your students participate in an unforgettable experience of their solar system just before bed. Students and teachers have the opportunity to explore the solar system on an interpretive hike beginning at dusk through base camp. This memorable experience is for all sky watchers of all ages and ability levels. The hike leads to the Haliburton Forest's planetarium and astronomy observatory. Students will be awe struck while viewing the sky through one of the three Meade LX200 telescopes mounted atop the observatory. The content of the program consists of both science and mythology to provide an overview of astronomy from ancient to modern times. This program will be adapted to the interests and needs of the groups. On cloudy nights an extended indoor planetarium show is offered.

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Wilderness Navigation

Haliburton Forest has 80,000 acres of sustainably managed forest just waiting for your students to come experience and explore. Wilderness navigationJoin one or many of our skilled facilitation staff to learn different ways to navigate through the world by using: maps, compasses, and/or GPS units. Have your students learn through experiencing the materials with our interesting lessons, fun orienteering courses, and even geo-cashing. Students may experience navigation by hiking, biking, or canoeing; the choice is yours! Each of these experiences teaches your students different ways to navigate the land and water. Your students will leave Haliburton Forest more comfortable and skillful in many different avenues of navigation. 


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Have your students learn the historic skill of archery. Your students will hike a short distance to Haliburton Forest's unique forested archery range. Archery - long bowStudents will be actively engaged in a skillful lesson about archery and safety, then students may perform their skills. Your students will build confidence and coordination in a physical activity many people do not have the opportunity to participate within. Provide your students with this sustainable experience to heighten their awareness about themselves, each other, and Haliburton Forest as a multi-use facility.


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CampfireWind your night down with a great campfire. Your guide will help the students create a campfire and go over safety considerations for the situation. Students may sing songs, have conversations, or enjoy the sparks in silence. It's the best time to debrief your day, talk about how being in nature has taught you something you never thought you would know or just the highlights and challenges of the day. Roast some marshmallows or even better make s'mores.

It's so great for students to be surrounded by their classmates outside of the classroom with some unstructured time to learn about one another. Your guide may suggest a solo-sit to encourage some individual or private thinking time and create a thoughtful conversation around the fire. 

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Group campfire - by Sam Allard

Expectations for Grade 7

Health and Physical Education
Living Skills
1.1 - use self-awareness and self-monitoring skills to help them understand their strengths and needs, take responsibility for their actions, recognize sources of stress, and monitor their own progress, as they participate in physical activities, develop movement competence, and acquire knowledge and skills related to healthy living
1.2 - use adaptive, management, and coping skills to help them respond to the various challenges they encounter as they participate in physical activities, develop movement competence, and acquire knowledge and skills related to healthy living

Active Living
A1.1 - actively participate in a wide variety of program activities, according to their capabilities
A1.2 - demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute to their personal enjoyment of being active
A1.3 - demonstrate an understanding of the factors that motivate or impede participation in physical activity every day
A3.1 - demonstrate behaviours and apply procedures that maximize their safety and that of others
A3.2 - demonstrate an understanding of procedures for anticipating and responding to hazards that may lead to injury or ailments while participating in physical activity outdoors

Movement Competence: Skills, Concepts, and Strategies
B1.2 - perform a wide variety of locomotor movements, with and without equipment, while responding to a variety of external stimuli
B1.3 - send, receive, and retain a variety of objects, while taking into account their position and motion in relation to others, equipment, and boundaries, while applying basic principles of movement
B2.1 - demonstrate an understanding of the components of a range of physical, and apply this understanding as they participate in a variety of physical activities in indoor and outdoor

Aquatic Systems

Looking at your findingsCome participate in a different perspective of an aquatic environment. Haliburton Forest has over 450 wetlands. Students will discover one of these wetlands by a short hike through the forest and venturing over a boardwalk. Students will actively learn about different vertebrates and invertebrates within a wetland ecosystems.

Fortunately enough, Haliburton Forest has many insects, birds, animals, and plants, all contributing to its biodiversity, and waiting to be found. Our skilled staff will provide instruction how to dip the nets, assistance to sort through their findings, and create insight for students. This program will be designed to suit the needs of all ages and educational requirements. This experiential learning process is something a student will never forget. 

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Lily pads - by Sam Allard

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness first aidStudents will be walked through the basics of how to be safe while in the forest. Minor first aid will be introduced to students to increase their awareness of their surroundings and each other. Come and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Haliburton Forest while actively participating in first aid lessons. Help prepare your students for an active lifestyle with wilderness first aid. This course pairs really well with the wilderness survival and navigation activities.

However, be aware that this selection does not provide any certifications, simply education and awareness.


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Group Initiatives and Team Building

Inuit blanketGroup work, communication, problem solving, team development, cohesion, and more can be introduced, discussed, and created for your students through our many initiatives and team building activities. Our professional staff will develop individualized plans for your entire group to come participate in these activities at Haliburton Forest. However, the learning does not end there. Students will be challenged to think about living lightly on the land and adapting our sustainable management ideas into their lives.

Haliburton Forest prides developing and maintaining a sustainable forest and wishes to teach your students about its application wherever possible. Students will learn how to apply their conversations to their outside lives to become more well-rounded classmates, students, and citizens. Come join us in our fun, enjoyable, and challenging activities. 


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Wolf Science Centre Vienna Visit

A visit to the Wolf Science Centre near Vienna, Austria

Catching up with friends – 2 and 4-legged.

In mid November 2016 we visited the Wolf Science Centre near Vienna, Austria. We had a standing invitation from Dr. Friederike Range, one of the founders and principals of the Centre. In 2012 and again in May 2016 two of Haliburton Forest’s wolf pups were sent to Vienna to populate the centre’s wolf packs. The Wolf Science Center’s mission is to conduct internationally recognised, first-class research on the behaviour and cognition of wolves and dogs, as well as of the interspecific relationships we share with them as humans.

Expectations for Grade 7

Health and Physical Education
Living Skills
1.3- communicate effectively, using verbal or non-verbal means, as appropriate, and interpret information accurately as they participate in physical activities, develop movement competence, and acquire knowledge and skills related to healthy living
1.4 - apply relationship and social skills as they participate in physical activities, develop movement competence, and acquire knowledge and skills related to healthy living to help them interact positively with others, build healthy relationships, and become effective team members

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