Wilderness Navigation

Haliburton Forest has 80,000 acres of sustainably managed forest just waiting for your students to come experience and explore. Wilderness navigationJoin one or many of our skilled facilitation staff to learn different ways to navigate through the world by using: maps, compasses, and/or GPS units. Have your students learn through experiencing the materials with our interesting lessons, fun orienteering courses, and even geo-cashing. Students may experience navigation by hiking, biking, or canoeing; the choice is yours! Each of these experiences teaches your students different ways to navigate the land and water. Your students will leave Haliburton Forest more comfortable and skillful in many different avenues of navigation. 


Please contact our facilitation staff for pricing information and inquires at experiences@haliburtonforest.com.

Expectations for Grade 12

Geomatics: Geotechnologies in Action
Geographic Foundations: Space and Systems
SE.BKU2 – differentiate between true, magnetic, and grid directions
SE.BKU3 – explain concepts associated with scale
SE.DPS1 – express location by geographic coordinates, grid coordinates, and geocoding

Human-Environment Interaction
SE.LTA1 – incorporate the use of geotechnologies into outdoor recreational activities
SE.LTA3 – use geotechnologies in studying human-environmental interactions

Methods of Geographic Inquiry and Communication
SE.MT3 – use the appropriate kind of map
SE.MT11 – explain the basic principles of surveying and the main techniques used in it
SE.MT12 – explain the basic principle underlying GPS and the significance of differential GPS
SE.MT16 – orient a map or aerial photography in the field and relate the features shown to the surrounding landscape