Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness first aidStudents will be walked through the basics of how to be safe while in the forest. Minor first aid will be introduced to students to increase their awareness of their surroundings and each other. Come and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Haliburton Forest while actively participating in first aid lessons. Help prepare your students for an active lifestyle with wilderness first aid. This course pairs really well with the wilderness survival and navigation activities.

However, be aware that this selection does not provide any certifications, simply education and awareness.


For inquires and pricing information please contact the facilitation staff at experiences@haliburtonforest.com.


Expectations for Grade 12

Recreation and Fitness Leadership
Physical Fitness and Well-Being
SE.IP1 – demonstrate competence in specific skills that can help others in emergency situations
SE.IP2 – describe safety regulations and procedures and productive devices designed to ensure their own safety and that of others