Tree Climbing

Learning how to tree climb - by Cameron FergusonTree Climbing is an incredible experience for all students, no matter their experience level. Students have the opportunity to join an experienced facilitator and learn how to climb trees with safety equipment and instruction. Students will challenge themselves in ways you have never seen before in a safe and controlled environment. When students reach the top of a massive white pine tree they will be awe-struck by the breath-taking view of a Haliburton Forest lake.

This activity is a great half day program that can be coupled with adventure leadership, navigation, hiking, even mountain biking. Bring your students to Haliburton Forest to share lasting memories and wonderful learning opportunities with them.


Please contact our facilitation staff for inquires and pricing information at

Exploring the forest by tree climbing

Expectations for Grade 12

Healthy Active Living Education
Physical Activity
SE.MS1 – develop and combine their movement skills in a variety of physical activities
SE.MS2 – apply movement principles to refine their movement skills
SE.SR1 – apply the specific rules and guidelines for participation in recreational and sports activities, including team, group, dual, and individual activities
SE.SR2 – explain factors that affect performance and participation in recreational and sports activities
SE.SR3 – use ethical strategies and tactics to enhance their performance in specific situations and conditions

Active Living
SE.AP2 – demonstrate personal competence in a variety of physical activities
SE.AP3 – analyse the benefits of lifelong participation in different physical activities
SE.AP6 – demonstrate positive, responsible, personal and social behaviour in physical activity settings
SE.AP7 – demonstrate leadership in creating a positive climate that promotes participation and safety
SE.S1 – apply appropriate guidelines and procedures for safe participation in physical activity
SE.S2 – demonstrate behaviour that minimizes risk to themselves and others

Recreation and Fitness Leadership
Facilitation of Recreation and Leisure
SE.PP1 – explain the personal, social, economic, and environmental benefits of recreation and leisure
SE.PP2 – describe motivational factors and potential barriers that affect lifelong participation in recreational and leisure activities

Physical Fitness and Well-Being
SE.IP1 – demonstrate competence in specific skills that can help others in emergency situations
SE.IP2 – describe safety regulations and procedures and productive devices designed to ensure their own safety and that of others

The Environment and Resource Management
Human-Environment Interaction
SE.LTS5 – estimate personal and class "ecological footprints"