Ice Safety

Travelling safely on Macdonald LakeThe Ice Safety activity is great for students to participate within during the winter. While your students are hiking or dogsledding on McDonald Lake learn about precautions and safety for travelling on the ice. Students will be made aware of the dangers that are involved with being on the ice during the winter. Students may learn how to understand the flow of rivers, lakes, and streams with respect to travelling on the ice safely. Students can also practice proper precautions to take while travelling alone or with a group across a frozen body of water. This activity couples well with other wilderness survival and first aid activities.

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Expectations for Grade 12

Recreation and Fitness Leadership
Physical Fitness and Well-Being
SE.IP1 – demonstrate competence in specific skills that can help others in emergency situations
SE.IP2 – describe safety regulations and procedures and productive devices designed to ensure their own safety and that of others