Environmental Art, Solitudes, and Journaling

Have you ever provided your students with the opportunity of complete silence to reflect, think, or relate? Evening - by Sam AllardNow is your opportunity! Add a solo-sit, journaling, or environmental art into your programming for students to discover themselves. Students can explore their mind on a silent, monitored, at night adventure to reflect on their experiences and overcome their fears, called a solo-sit. Or students can develop thoughtful words to represent their experiences in The Forest and relate them to their home life, while journaling. Students may also visually express their thoughts by producing art to complete their exhilarating experience at Haliburton Forest. These activities are often students' and teachers' most favourite and appreciated events, as individuals can reflect on the day or discuss how The Forest has positively impacted their lives. 

The evening program solo-sits can be added to any other programs when students are spending the evening. 

For more information, inquires, and pricing please contact our facilitation staff at experiences@haliburtonforest.com.