Communication Workshops

Communication workshopsBring your students to Haliburton Forest to work on becoming more-welrounded students and citizens when considering communication, leadership, and group work. Our professional facilitation staff have a wide array of initiatives, knowledge, and activities that will build upon students' skills and develop new skills. Students of all ages and physical abilities may participate within these workshops. Overall, students will be able to transfer these learning opportunities outside of the classroom and The Forest. Your students may partake in a communication workshop for the morning and then visit the Wolf Center or an interpretive hike in the afternoon. 

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Expectations for Grade 12

Healthy Active Living Education
Active Living
SE.AP7 – demonstrate leadership in creating a positive climate that promotes participation and safety

Living Skills
SE.DM2 – demonstrate an understanding of the impact of complex personal decisions and the ethical considerations associated with these decisions
SE.DM3 – explain the influence of cultural norms
SE.CR1 – describe positive and negative aspects of conflict
SE.CR2 – demonstrate an understanding of the factors that promote harmony among people
SE.CR3 – demonstrate an ability to use strategies to cope with conflict
SE.SS1 – demonstrate an ability to work effectively with groups of individuals from different cultures to accomplish group goals
SE.SS2 – demonstrate an ability to use strategies needed to overcome the barriers to functioning effectively as a group
SE.SS3 – demonstrate an ability to use appropriate strategies to reach group consensus
SE.SS4 – explain qualities and factors that promote and enhance close personal relationships

Recreation and Fitness Leadership
SE.LSt1 – define the concept of leadership
SE.LSt3 – evaluate the effectiveness of various leadership styles
SE.LSt4 – apply the leadership style required for a particular situation
SE.LSt5 – analyse their own preferred style of leadership
SE.LSk1 – apply communication skills and strategies that help develop positive relationships
SE.LSk2 – demonstrate an understanding of strategies that facilitate the decision-making process, taking into consideration self, others, and available resources
SE.LSk3 – demonstrate an ability to use strategies to minimize and resolve conflict
SE.LSk4 – demonstrate an ability to use time management skills
SE.GD1 – describe the factors that affect group development
SE.GD3 – analyse how the roles played by various members of a group contribute to group effectiveness
SE.TS1 – demonstrate an ability to facilitate behaviour within a group that is respectful of each individual's thoughts and opinions
SE.TS2 – demonstrate an ability to take responsibility for carrying out tasks assigned by the group
SE.TS3 – demonstrate an understanding of strategies that facilitate group effectiveness
SE.TS4 – demonstrate leadership skills through their participation in a variety of leadership activities