observatory-outsideTeachers, have your students participate in an unforgettable experience of their solar system just before bed. Students and teachers have the opportunity to explore the solar system on an interpretive hike beginning at dusk through base camp. This memorable experience is for all sky watchers of all ages and ability levels. The hike leads to the Haliburton Forest's planetarium and astronomy observatory. Students will be awe struck while viewing the sky through one of the three Meade LX200 telescopes mounted atop the observatory. The content of the program consists of both science and mythology to provide an overview of astronomy from ancient to modern times. This program will be adapted to the interests and needs of the groups. On cloudy nights an extended indoor planetarium show is offered.

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Expectations for Grade 12

Earth and Space: University Preparation
The Earth as a Planet
SE.UBC2 - describe the origin and evolution of the Earth and other objects in the solar system, and identify the fundamental forces and processes involved
SE.UBC3 – compare the Earth with other objects in the solar system with respect to such properties as mass, size, composition, rotation, and magnetic field