Wilderness Survival Skills

Shelter BuildingNo matter the season, students can always learn, experience, and enjoy something about surviving in the wilderness. This program is avaliable during all seasons and will be augmented to fulfil the groups requirements. Students will discover the basics for surviving in the forest by participating in different activities to develop and understanding of how one can adapt to their surroundings in different ways. The activities we have planned for your students will encourage critical thinking, application of previous knowledge, group work skills, leadership skills, and listening skills. By using and evolving each of these skill sets in the activities, students will become better students and citizens beyond the classroom and Haliburton Forest. 

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Building a snow shelter


Winter Camping Shelter - by kim Higgins


Expectations for Grade 11

Living Spaces and Shelter
Functions of Living Spaces and Shelters
SE.ILS1 – summarize the ways in which different forms of shelter satisfy various individual and family needs and functions, such as: physical needs, social needs, psychological needs, aesthetic needs, spiritual considerations, lifestyle needs, and special considerations
SE.ST2 – establish criteria for evaluating shelter units and their locations, taking into consideration particular interests, economic status, and successive stages of family life