High-Ropes Challenge Course

Testing your balance on the high ropes course - by Sam AllardThe high-ropes course will impress you at first glance. It's only thirty feet off the ground, but it's on top of a cliff, so it looks like a hundred feet off the ground when you get up there! After a short hike to the course from Stocking Lake or a drive from Base Camp, challenge your students to balancing on cables while being attached with over built safety equipment. Your guide will provide all the instruction you need for a safe environment and watch as your students smile, laugh, build confidence, learn from eachother, and provide support to one another. This challenge course is designed to press the limits of your students, and creating great learning and growing opportunities for them. The high-ropes course is located at our Stocking Lake facilitymeaning you could rock climb in the morning and challenge the high-ropes in the afternoon. Students will also be taught about off-the-grid living, sustainability, and responsibility towards the environment while staying at this facility. Couple this activity with a solo-sit at night and listen to the experiences of your students around the fire; it is a positive eye-opener for teachers and students alike. Returning home, your students will not stop talking about this challenge course. 


Please contact our facilitation staff for inquiries and pricing information at experiences@haliburtonforest.com.

Expectations for Grade 10

Physical Activity
SE.MS1 – demonstrate the use and combination of motor skills in a variety of physical activities.
SE.MS4 – demonstrate personal skill improvement
SE.SR1 – demonstrate understanding of specific rules and guidelines for participation in recreation and sport including team, group, dual, and individual activities
SE.SR2 – describe the requirements, including basic equipment standards, preparation, and specific safety issues that maximize performance and participation in recreation and sport activities
SE.SR3 – explain appropriate strategies or tactics that enhance performance in specific situations and conditions

Active Living
SE.AP1 – participate regularly in physical activities, choosing from a wide range of activities
SE.AP2 – demonstrate positive, responsible personal and social behaviour in physical activity settings
SE.AP3 – demonstrate leadership
SE.AP4 - identify the factors that will affect their choice of activities with potential for lifelong participation and enjoyment
SE.S1- apply guidelines and procedures related to safe participation in physical activity
SE.S2 – demonstrate behaviour that minimizes risk to themselves and others

Living Skills
SE.CR1 – demonstrate understanding of the varied dynamics of conflicts
SE.CR2 – describe different styles of handling conflict and their effectiveness in different situations
SE.CR3 – describe the benefits of developing anger management strategies
SE.CR4 – identify techniques for dealing with angry disputants
SE.CR5 – describe the impact of non-verbal and verbal responses
SE.CR6 – identify the characteristics of an effective mediator
SE.CR7 - describe the phases of mediation
SE.SS1 – demonstrate behaviours that are respectful of others' points of view
SE.SS2 – describe their own contribution to and effectiveness within a group