“Grounded” Experiences



Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking at Haliburton Forest, 2012Come experience over 300 kilometres of Haliburton Forest's multi-use trails. Our colour coded maps (provided at the main office) will guide you through beginner to expert rated trails. Groups will be laughing throughout the entire experience as you whoosh past lakes and rivers, and fly by countless towering trees. A mountain bike trip is a wonderful way to view a forest; and a fun, sustainable method of transportation. You can also stop for a refreshing dip at one of the many beachs.  Mountain biking is one of many options available at Haliburton Forest. We offer numerous experiences to fill your day, weekend, or week!
For more information about Mountain Biking at Haliburton Forest please visit our Mountain Biking page.



Hiking at Haliburton Forest - by Sam AllardOver 300 km of trails at Haliburton Forest are waiting to be discovered. Groups, families, and couples can enjoy this trail systems with our colour coded map provided at our main office. Come experience the Spring smells and flowers, the Summer shade, the breath-taking Fall colours, or the Winter silence. Navigate along the shores of pristine lakes, through untouched forested areas, keeping an eye out for some of our native wildlife. Spend the day or just the afternoon on our trails. Combine your adventure at Haliburton Forest with a visit to the Wolf Center, visit our resident moose, or take in The Canopy Tour. Bring a picnic or enjoy our amazing on-site restaurant The Cookhouse



Canoeing - by Sam AllardOver 60 lakes and numerous wetlands on Haliburton Forest's property are considered pristine wilderness. Many of the lakes are linked together by portages to encourage a full day of paddling and fishing. Explore further into our 80,000 acre property and you will experience lakes that are rarely visited. Spend part of your day hiking on trails close to the water systems. Haliburton Forest's crystal clear lakes with beautiful photo opportunities can provide memories to last a lifetime. A variety of rental equipment is available at our main office, or you are welcome to bring your own. Either way, your experience will be an amazing and unique adventure.


Car Camping

Picture perfect campsiteHaliburton Forest has opportunities for all types of camping enthusiasts - tent or trailer, there is a site for you. Bring your friends, family, or loved-one to a private drive-in campsite on the lakeside. Enjoy the silence of the forest while you are roasting marshmellows over a campfire. Wade or jump right into the fresh waters. Go for a canoe or mountain bike adventure to add some excitement to your camping experience. Participate in an evening program such as astronomy or a natural history presentation to really understand the area around you. Either way, you and your group will have an unforgettable expereince. 
For more information about our camping experiences please see our camping page.

Wilderness camping - by Sam AllardWilderness Camping

You and your group could experience a guided wilderness camping adventure at Haliburton Forest. A guide will make you feel safe and prepared for authentic Canadian camping. While you are camping, enjoy over 300km of hiking and mountain biking trails, go on The Canopy Tour, participate in a Wolf Howl. The camping at Haliburton Forest is an experience that one cannot pass up.



Swimming - by Sam AllardHaliburton Forest is the home of 60 wilderness lakes that could be right at your disposal. Speak with the office staff about the fantastic swimming locations that are a car ride away through the gravel roads of the forest. If you are more adventurous, rent a canoe and paddle to these divine locations. The water systems at Haliburton Forest are at the top of the Algonquin Dome which means all our water falls from the sky and flows away from the area. Come experience the freshest waters, and be a part of protecting the water systems for the rest of Ontario. 


Ice FishingFishing

Fishing is always better in pristine wilderness! Haliburton Forest has fantastic shorelines to cast your line off or large lakes to explore with a canoe or electric motor. Come for a winter time adventure as well and try ice fishing. No matter the time of the year the fish are always biting.
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Wolf Centre

Wolf Haida in snowYour groups’ visit to Haliburton Forest cannot be complete until you meet our resident wolf pack. The Wolf Centre is an educational and research building that the public raves about. Join one of our interpreters on a behind the scenes look about our wolves, take part in a small presentation about wolves, and learn about how the pack maintains its integrity. Your group will leave wondering who their Alpha is?! 


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