Group Facilities

Haliburton Forest has 2 different types of accomodations for large groups and school groups: Stocking Lake and The Dorm at Base Camp. 

Stocking Lake Facilities

Stocking Lake campStocking Lake is a private lake with only a sustainable off-the-grid camp on its shore. This location is equiped with 3 log buildings: one large sleeping dormatory for up to thirty group participants,  an extra staff cabin for up to five members, and the last cabin is a common area for dinning and lounging equipped with a kitchen. There are wood fire places in all the buildings to ensure warmth and comfort at all times of the day. These facilities are located beside our Rock Climbing wall and High-Ropes course. Just a short drive away would allow for participants to enjoy Hollow Valley and rappelling. Students will be learning about living lightly on the land, sustainable management, and leadership while they complete their stay at Stocking Lake. Your facilitators can accompany you for your stay and lead debriefs over campfires and other night time activities. This location is absolutely fantastic for all types of groups.

The Dorm at Base Camp

The Dorm at Base CampHaliburton Forest has a Dorm style accommodation right at Base Camp for groups up to thirty participants who wish to engage in activities closer to the front entrance. There are eight rooms for students to share; this enhances bonding and relationship building. The Dorm contains a common room for participants to socialize, as well as a kitchen area. This accommodation is perfect for groups who wish to participate in any activities at Haliburton Forest.


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