Evening Experiences

Sunset Macdonald Lake with kids on the beach - by Ken Chapman 


Ever wonder where Polaris, the North Star, and the Big Dipper are? These are great questions for our resident astronomer. Allow your group the once in a life time experience of seeing the night sky in a different way. There is no light pollution in our area, as the closest town is more than 20km away. We can even accommodate for cloudy nights using an extensive slideshow. But don't let us be the judge about how amazing our night sky looks, you come be the judge. This program can be added to other experiences at special request. For example bring your group for an afternoon Canopy Tour then participate in our astronomy program. 

Wolf Fang howling - August 2013

For more information about atronomy please visit our astronomy page.

Wolf Howl

Haliburton Forest is the home to a non-socialized, captive bred, wild wolf pack. Join one of our wolf experts in an amazing listening experience. Start with a small presentation about wolves and end hearing the howling of our resident pack. This will leave you and your group in awe. This experience can be added to many other programs. For example, you can hike or canoe all day then stay in our accommodations to participate in a Wolf Howl. Your group must request in advance. 

Night Hike 

Beautiful sunset - by Sam AllardParticipate on a hike with one of our professional guides on a scenic walk through our trails for a new perspective on the forest. Whether the sun is up or the sun is down, there are incredible sightings that are festering in our forest. Track different animals, identify many trees, or take a moment in silence to really hear the forest. Either way, your night time adventures are waiting to be discovered. Groups can partner this activty with many day time events, like: dog sledding or camping.

Natural History Seminars

BirdingHaliburton Forest is a wonderful place to come learn and explore. A great way to complete a day is to attend a short seminar about the natural history of the area. These are not your typical types of seminars; a professional engages the audience about specific entities of the Haliburton Forest area. These seminars are full of intriguing information that will keep you waiting for more. Join many of the following people: our biologist, some researchers, and even Haliburton Forest's owner, on a Tuesday night during the summer to become even more fascinated by the world around you. 


For inquires and pricing information please contact our Group Experiences staff at experiences@haliburtonforest.com.