Forest Art Project

During the late days of summer a special breed of artist is congregating in Ontario's Cottage Country to engage in artistic activities of a natural kind: they will transform a small part Forest Art Installation with visitors at Landart Tourof Haliburton Forest's landscape into a Land Art experience. Under the direction of Reinhard Reitzenstein, several artists will continue to create site-specific wilderness art installations along forest trails just north of the Haliburton Forest Base Camp. This initiative cotinues annually for the next decades and will become known as The Forest Art Project. Admission is free to the general public.

As of 2012 the Haliburton Forest Landart Experience has changed in that one annual, larger, permanent installation will be established, instead of the "event" character with multiple, smaller installations of a temporary nature in the past.

What is Land Art ?

Artists who have chosen to work outdoors with materials found in the natural environment - such as rocks, trees, leaves, and other vegetation - often refer to their work as "land art." These works are located in outdoor natural environments rather than in art galleries where the works of art are protected from the elements. 

What is the Forest Art Project?

For the Forest Art Project, seven artists created land-based works over a ten-day period in mid-August from 2008 to 2011. Visitors to Haliburton Forest are invited to hike the Wild Woods Walk just north of Base Camp during this period to meet the artists and observe their creative processes at work. The installations will remain in the forest as semi-permanent pieces of art along the Wild Wood Walk, and visitors are invited to experience them at any time, in any season.


The theme for the Forest Art Project is "Sustainability", a crucial element in the philosophy that guides Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve. Artists have been working at Haliburton Forest on the Forest Art Project for several years and, over time, have transformed a small portion of Haliburton Forest's landscape into a multi-layered, intensive Land Art experience. Many of the past installations are still in evidence.