Dog Adoption Program

Haliburton Forest Dog Adoption

At Haliburton Forest we are proud to provide a happy, healthy home to an incredible, diverse – and not to mention cute – pack of Siberian huskies. Our job is to love and care for each one of our pooches through every phase of their lives.  And we love what we do!

Most of our dogs are active runners or trainees, but we also have some retirees and younger dogs who aren’t so interested in pulling, but love to play. We continually assess the desires and abilities of every dog and adjust to their needs as they come. Retirement doesn’t mean the best years are over – not even close! And while there are smiles-for-miles at our kennel, at the end of their careers, we want to offer our dogs the opportunity to find an amazing, non-working home with a family who will care for and love them as much as we do!

With each dog that joins our pack, we make a commitment to provide the best possible care and all the snuggles they could want for however long we are lucky enough to have them. This means that any of our dogs that don’t find the perfect non-working home, will live out their golden years right here with us, receiving the same high quality of care they are accustomed to for the duration of their lives.

Our four-legged fur balls are an extension of our family. So much so, that many of our staff end up adopting one (or more!) of our retired friends too!

Adoptions are bittersweet. Saying goodbye is always a tearful event, so we are thrilled whenever an adoptee comes back for a visit, or their new family send us photos and videos of them enjoying their new home.

If you are interested in welcoming one of our huskies into your family and into your home, or if you have any adoption related questions, please contact Jean by email at

Meet our Huskies!

Get to know the dogs available for adoption! If you think one of these beauties might be a match, please click the button below to complete an application form or click here to download a pdf version. Our Kennel Coordinator, Jean will be in contact with you!

The information provided in each dog’s profile is based on behaviour observed here at our kennel. This behaviour may vary when a dog is introduced to a new environment, dogs, people, etc and changes cannot be predicted. Our dogs are neither house trained, nor familiar with walking on leash and will require some patience and training to achieve success with these objectives.

Happy Tails

Check out some of our recent success stories. These huskies and humans found their perfect companion/s through our adoption program!